Runway Digital is the digital leadership training and business planning practice started by Melbourne based consultant Samantha Bell.

“Runway” was born from my interest in helping people cleverly plan how to achieve great visions, and “Digital” for my fascination with technology and what’s next.

I’ve been delighted with the achievements of Runway Digital. Each year since 2010 Runway Digital has been nominated for Telstra Business Awards and worked with over 80 organisations around the world seeking to innovate, connect more with their customers, launch new products or businesses or events, or to re-invigorate existing operations.

Sometimes this has involved just me, and other times I’ve brought with me trusted advisors to enhance what we do.

We’ve trained over 500 people in Social Media and Digital disruption and business trends, amplifying their voices and organisations to over a quarter of a million people.

Digital Leadership programs include social media training, executive mentoring, individual online profile audits and recommendations, and presentations on digital business, current internet trends, best practice case studies, new business models and customer engagement innovations. Clients gain the opportunity to review how digital impacts most aspects of their business by showing trends in their industry, new market entrants, what’s relevant for their customers and for them as individuals, providing invaluable gains for years to come.

Runway Digital services cover business strategy and planning (including creating innovative business plans), digital strategy and social media strategy (including systems design, fun and high output content development workshops, developing and refining content management systems, and ‘social business design’ or whole or business social media implementation), and creative direction on digital campaigns, events and customer engagement and activation initiatives.

“I work alongside your teams to help you develop plans with strong vision, clear activities and outcomes to bring challenging ideas to life and create amazing experiences.” Samantha Bell

If you’re wishing to fly high in your business endeavours, contact Runway Digital here and I promise your reply will be fun!

I am passionate about seeing today’s leaders become more aware of digital impacts, helping integrate new technologies and new thinking into their planning and business systems and supporting organisations bring dynamic, vibrant and sustainable visions to life.

Sound good to you?

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“Samantha is an expert in helping shape digital media strategies with a particular focus on emerging trends and social media opportunities. Having leveraged Sam’s skills as both a soundboard and personal educator – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to others wanting a fast track in developing a digital marketing plan. I look forward to engaging her services again in future.”  Henry Ruiz, Chief Product Officer at REA Group