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If you’ve been stuck in the “I don’t know what to do with my online profile” cycle, with thoughts of..

“Am I presenting myself the best I can online?”

“What does ‘best’ look like for me online?”

“Can I look so impressive in the market that clients contact me?”

It’s time to get these thoughts out of your head so you can continue your great work.

It’s time to:

  • look progressive online. You’re now a professional in a global economy.
  • keep in the game (and ahead of the game) knowing up-to-date, technology and digital innovations and trends that may impact your work.
  • be progressive and relevant – get ready for virtual reality (and ‘mixed reality’) in meetings and be wise to terms like ‘wet-tech’ (think: superhuman brains)!
  • speed up your productivity and gain peace of mind with simple digital tools.
  • attract and interact with eager clients, customers, partners and employers globally.

In the words of Naval Ravikant (investor in mega-successes Twitter, Uber, and OpenDNS – bought for $635 million in cash):

I don't know what to do with my online profile

Put aside a couple of evenings or a day on the weekend with us to get yourself a place you own on the internet.

Get ready to enjoy the feeling of knowing you are representing yourself exceptionally in your market globally and that you’ve highly-productive ways of working for the future.

Here’s to you piloting your future! 

“Runway 22 cleared for take off” – – – – – –  > > > > >

Choose where you wish to START…


I don't know what to do with my online profileWhen you have a niggling feeling there may be things to improve online, check into the Pilots Lounge to pickup your important tips to improve, including:

* The first 10 pages of The Standout Professional’s Linkedin Guide

* Fortnightly online and productivity tips.

If in doubt, choose this one.

Why should I standout online?

If you’re wondering why you’d want to look great online and increase your productivity for the future, head on over to this 2 min read to learn about life & business trends for professionals.


Get up to speed quickly. Take 30 minutes to 3 hours (you choose) to read, do and …STANDOUT.

I don't know what to do with my online profile

Improve your Linkedin!

Update your profile using over 20 examples of professionals using Linkedin well and the latest techniques for being noticed on Linkedin automatically.

More details are here.

“I want to improve my online profile, attract employers/customers/clients, write & publish online content that gets noticed, meet high fliers & be up to date with current trends.”

Get your online profile shining and turning heads in 21 days with our Online Flight Training. Check in here for the first 8 days free.


You’re keen to look amazing online and be ready for the future. Great! Let’s grow your online status, credibility, and have you prepared for what comes next in the global economy.

Which best describes you?

“I want an expert to guide me to standout online”

Our Pilots know what looks great online and are keen to review your online profile. Gain a professional’s suggestions on how you look online. Let us know your aims, we’ll review your Linkedin, website and other online sites and and provide you tailored insight that is easy to implement. More information is here.

“I’m cool with all that! What I need is help so I always fly high”

We’ll quickly ignite you! Gain your very own pilot in Private Strategy Mentorship sessions. The focus of these sessions could be:

  • defining your online purpose and intentions so you are established in your niche for the longer-term
  • how to standout online amongst industry peers and colleagues,
  • a review of your online profile and sites so you look your best,
  • a brainstorm your next initiative to save you time,
  • reviewing plans to speed your progress.

Be prepared for flight! Confirm your time slot here.

“I’d like to support a high flier standing out online”

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