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Thanks for landing here. The crew is working on opening the doors so we’ve a few moments together.

I’m Sam and this is part of my story. Perhaps you can relate.

I’m driven person who loves exceptional experiences, such as being served a dish of incredibly fresh food by a waiter explaining an entrancing backstory.

There’s something about beauty, high performance, and each person’s unique spirit that delights me.

I’m driven to create and promote unique and authentic stories of people and organisations. I love the moment when we’ve nailed it and the person and organisation is rapt with how they look online. I love knowing their mindset is changed to being digitally empowered and seeing their audiences grow and knowing volumes of people will be inspired and motivated by what they’re doing. That’s gold.

I can hear the crew working on opening the doors, I’d better get on with my quick history,

Perhaps like you, lots of career experiences have helped me uncover where I can provide the most value.

I’ve worked in exceptional and interesting environments – from waste-treatment farms, to warehouses, to senior corporate offices in Australia, to small not-for-profit social enterprises, to the bamboo-floored, architectural wonder of Bali’s Green School, a high-end Bhutanese hotel aside a pristine river (ahhhh), a wonderful gastro-pub in West Wales (absolutely delicious), and on to setting up a pop-up village in a paddock for 120 people for a 4 day festival.

I’ve lots more to explore and discover (especially with our tech-influenced, life changes that are coming).

In different guises, I coach and guide people: as a project manager making things happen, as a strategist providing business direction and plans, as a tech and digital coach evangelising the need for digital leadership, use of social media, and to integrate technology into life; as a events and creative director helping with branding decisions, encouraging innovation and explaining the gains from beauty and thoughtfulness.

In 2006 Social Media captivated me while traveling through Mongolia. I started to grow a business planning and social media consulting business, Runway Digital, firstly with entrepreneurs, then senior executives in large firms, public courses, online webinars, public speaking… to where it is reaching you today: an international team to guide, establish and promote humble, high achievers online.

Before establishing Runway Digital, I studied Industrial Engineering (making clever things work well) and worked as a strategy consultant in incredible, high profile positions (Deloitte, KPMG, Telstra, and lots of international finance and retail operations) shaping hundreds of new ideas to commercially sound concepts, writing successful business plans, problem solving, organising people and systems, and working out ways for people in large organisations to enjoy their work.

In my spare time I did the same work for the ‘little guys’ and also ran events for ‘humble, high achievers’ to meet. These side projects grew from 20 people in delicious eateries to 100 at our fast-paced Digital Treasure Hunts then 120 people for the exceptional Do Lectures which we brought to Australia to blow people’s minds.

I naturally attract bigger challenges.

I’m always being my own ‘crash test dummy’, trying out new productivity ‘hacks’ and clever ways to get things done. I’m always learning, researching and experimenting with tools, skills and new techniques that help people gain online presence, save time, reduce risk, create opportunities and gain results. Recently this includes online newsletters, LinkedIn influencer strategies, online advertising (Facebook ads) and audience building (outreach) systems.

It goes to figure that I love working with self-starters, saving them time by showcasing tools and techniques I’ve tried out. Being a natural born cheerleader, I’m exhilarated when I can give people a high five because they’ve achieved amazing goals, they’re feeling like a rockstar and their team is full of… “Wooohoooooos!”

I work around the world – collaborating with amazing people, seeing loads of airports, runways and liftoffs. Across 35 countries I’ve researched thousands of professionals’ LinkedIn profiles, tweeted over 21,000 times, shaped hundreds of personal online profiles, clocked over 200 businesses, coached 1,000+ people, collaborated on over 80 social media plans, 70 business plans (and reviewed hundreds), helped hundreds of businesspeople by moulding their ideas into commercially sound concepts, and have designed programs to help people in large organisations enjoy their work.

Your tally is amazing too. I’m looking forward to learning more.

People rate me for these skills on LinkedIn:

Online Personal Productivity Coach Melbourne Samantha BellCool huh?

I know the intensity of corporate and entrepreneurial life: the expectations, the hustling, the number of stakeholders, complexities and the desire to create value. It’s this that drives us to review all of our products and services with:

“Can it be simpler, shorter and quicker to understand?”

“Is it the best it can be?”

“Is it the most value we can provide?”

When I’m not guiding new pilots for takeoff, I’m learning to surf, creating new ideas on a chairlift, skiing, hanging out with my terrific family and friends, and exploring life.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you fly high! I hope you enjoy it all!


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