I have the privilege to work with some of the most inspiring founders and CEO’s in the world.

This blog (also available via email) is my way of being able to share the clever approaches, impressive businesses, ideas, outstanding results outcomes and clever tech that I’m exposed to.

Since April 2016 the posts and emails have included a vast range of emerging technologies and their use, opportunities and risks in business, examples of great online use, individuals’ impressive online profiles and inspiring videos, podcasts, online content and more.

It’s my way of being able to include you in the experiences.

Samantha (Sam) Bell

Samantha (Sam) Bell


Sam shares her findings twice a month. Enjoy the archive:

Where is your website (and where is it going)?

By Runway Digital Capt'n, Sam Bell Image credit. We've been working with a BCorp*, webhosting company called Serversaurus. We became their customer 5 years ago, attracted by their values, quality, results-orientated culture and customer care (which is highly...

The Bitcoins keep going up and up and up… ~ Online Highfliers Issue 40

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers... _____ Hi and welcome to the BIG 4-0 Edition of this email. Loads of fascinating developments have happened since I last wrote, including two blockchain tech conferences (Ethereal and Devcon) as well as bitcoin prices...

Tips from Elon 👽 ✨ 💐 ~ Online Highfliers Issue 39

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers.... _____ Hi and welcome to the 39th edition of this email. _____ Ways to feel happy about your future. Elon Musk says his massive visions are all about not wanting to feel sad about the future. He suggests people need...

Disruption, Mars & Zen ~ Online Highfliers Issue 38

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers.... To get the latest issue delivered to your inbox sign up for the newsletter here. _____ Hi and welcome to the 38th edition of this email. Airline Industry, you're next. Just over a week ago Elon Musk announced his...

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