Digitally Clever Teams

Does every person in your organisation look highly professional and credible on LinkedIn for clients, customers, potential partners, employees or investors?

Could people in your organisation lack tech and productivity skills?

When business planning do your people lack the digital leadership thinking that could reduce market risks and highlight opportunities from new technologies such as Virtual Reality?

Are you sensing your business isn’t yet on the ‘front foot’ for new styles work – such as ‘location independence’ and increasingly using virtual technology for work interactions?

Ughh…it doesn’t feel great when something’s missing.

Imagine the flip-side:

* Your clients / customers see you as progressive, tech-savvy and wise to new ways. They know you look impressive on the internet (and LinkedIn).

* You incorporate new technologies and gain increased revenues.

* Revenue risks are mitigated quickly from people spotting and quickly acting on a trend spotted on Twitter.

* You win innovation awards.

Thing is, it doesn’t take long to be up to speed on new technologies, new business models and the latest thinking.

“Runway Digital are experts in helping shape digital media strategies with a particular focus on emerging trends and social media opportunities… I look forward to engaging their services again in future.”

Henry Ruiz

Chief Digital Officer


There’s no time to waste!

Each week I coached a Senior Creative Producer and within 4 weeks I could see her mindset change – she was starting to ‘get’ digital, new tech and social media thinking. Within 6 weeks she was asking sophisticated questions about hashtags and was starting to integrate new, dynamic thinking into her business and her clients’ campaigns – a GREAT achievement, so quickly!

“We prepared her runway, coached her to lift-off and she was on her way, flying high, after 2 months.”

Digital Leadership Programs

With fast moving markets the best global organisations gain from our programs where their employees both look great online and gain skills to be digitally productive and digitally wise. Such programs are called “employee branding”, “employer branding”,”talent programs”, “Social Business Design”, “innovation programs” or can be part of an organisation’s transformation program.

We provide program design, coaching, training, public speaking and consulting work. We meet your business goals quickly.

Here are some of the Programs we offer.

Get in touch via Messenger or email to tailor yours.

"Sam has now supported Franklyn Scholar on several internal projects. Sam’s unique ability to galvanise our group and get total buy in to projects she leads has been outstanding. Sam was given a tight deadline to assist management in structuring a program to communicate key imperatives to our people recently at our National Conference, the outcome achieved exceeded all expectations and was quantified by 98% of attendees understanding our company direction post the conference. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Sam and will utilise her services in the future."

Ryan Trainor

Founder, CEO & Successful Entrepreneur, Hiut Denim & the DO lectures

Examples include:

1. Digital Pilot in Residence

Virtual and face-to-face access to a digital expert who’ll:

  • find you relevant business opportunities,
  • highlight risks and
  • support digital strategy preparation, business planning and strategic decisions.

Have access to a thought leader and thinking partner, in-house digital trainer, as well as mentor and coach for senior leaders as they become increasingly interested in digital.

Monthly retainer options.

2. Organisation-wide, impressive LinkedIn profiles

This recent case study provides insight to how we refined the LinkedIn profiles of 66 senior leaders and staff of Northern Beaches Council over 3 days.

This is a good example how a tailored program can update the LinkedIn of every person in the organisation within a few days.

Here’s what we did:

* Designing the Program to engage leaders to refine their Linkedin profiles to STANDOUT and increase their views, leads and potential client contacts by 300+%!

* 45 minute, one-on-one coaching sessions with senior leaders where we co-edited their LinkedIn Summary, tagline and other details on the spot,

* Reviewed LinkedIn profiles of 4 senior leaders who couldn’t make it to face to face sessions and emailed tips so they could update their profiles at a convenient time,

* Two, 2 hour group sessions, each with 23 people, updating their profiles via strong WIFI,

* Provided an online workbook for further LinkedIn updates,

* Reviewed the Council’s LinkedIn page and content and provided suggestions, and

* Helped plan ongoing lunchtime sessions where staff give each other LinkedIn testimonials and endorsements for exhibited skills, and share LinkedIn tips with each other.

Cost starts from $200 per person depending on complexity and tailoring.

3. CEO & senior leaders coaching

We work closely with senior leaders to refine their LinkedIn and online profile so it is engaging for investors, shareholders, media, customers and stakeholders.

These tailored programs can include:

* One-on-one coaching sessions where we gain insight to their online target market, topics they’re keen to promote, and how they wish to be perceived and promoted in the market.

* Setup of their online profiles (websites, social media sites, content development tools, and scheduling tools).

* Setup of content planning, creation and publishing systems – including engagement of ghost writers as required.

* Audience outreach plan with targeted sites and podcasts to write for / appear on.

* Refinement of LinkedIn profile – including LinkedIn Summary, tagline and other details (this can often be done on the spot in coaching sessions).

* Social Media coaching.

* In between sessions, tips provided to enhance tweets, posts and other spontaneous content.

Cost starts from $1500 per person depending on complexity and tailoring.

4. Online Flight Training

Digital training for your team to improve their online profile, become more agile and digitally wise and productive.

After-hours, virtual programs work well to engage and focus staff on new adventures, such as 3 week programs, weekly 90 minute webinars, instructional guides and a virtual discussion forum for support any time.

Designed for 5-20 people. Starting at: $5,000 depending on tailoring and complexity.

5. High Flier Program

Getting ready for increased publicity, keen to develop your talented people, or wanting to improve the profile and status of your organisation?

Train your top talent to standout as industry leaders. They learn to enhance their LinkedIn, get their website live, write their first 3 blogposts and setup their routines for ongoing online use.

Participants also connect with other high fliers online (internally or with other organisations).

After-hours, virtual programs work well to engage and focus staff on new adventures, such as 3 week programs, weekly 90 minute webinars, instructional guides and a virtual discussion forum for support any time.

Designed for 5-20 people. Starting at: $5,000 depending on tailoring and complexity.

6. Online Pilot Reviews

Have a digital professional review your team’s individual LinkedIn and online profiles and provide suggestions so you can quickly address.

Have your people focus their online profile for best personal and organisational branding and for your prospective customers/clients, partners, media, digital influencers.

Designed for 5 or more people. Starting at: $1,000 (depending on tailoring and complexity)

7. Tailored Programs

Tailored programs developed for your organisation’s learning requirements using our experience in:
* social media sites creation
* content development for professional teams
* how to write professional online posts
* online profile development & setting up time-saving systems
* digital trends insight and social media planning

In-house programs start with ‘top talent’ or change agents who can then provide a reference and support for others.

White-labelled digital training guides can be updated with your organisation’s branding for internal use and promotion.

We work with progressive individuals like you who understand the value of developing globally aware employees and strive for new approaches, great planning and pragmatic thinking delivered fast. We’re already clearing runways ready for your staff to take flight with new digital thinking and approaches for their current challenges and initiatives. Let’s get them soaring!


Contact Sam directly on Messenger or the Runway Digital crew via email for a quick reply.


samantha bell den fair liz bullRunway Digital programs are designed by Samantha Bell, who is a digital researcher and business strategist and the founder of Runway Digital, started in 2006.

She has researched hundreds of professionals’ websites and thousands LinkedIn profiles, has grown her LinkedIn network to over 2,700 people (here’s how), has worked with over 200 businesses, coached 800+ people, collaborated on over 50 social media plans and 70 business plans (and reviewed hundreds), across 35 countries and recently authored “The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn”.

Prior to Runway Digital she worked as a international strategy consultant at Deloitte, KPMG, Telstra, and Finance and Retail corporations, shaping hundreds of new ideas to commercially sound concepts, and working out ways for people in large organisations to enjoy their work.

Read more about Sam here and see the organisations we’ve worked with here.

I designed this digital leadership (DQ) model to help people feel empowered with digital tools and to help create agile mindsets. It’s quick to explain, to use as a reference, and to inspire curiosity / further learning. It covers wellbeing, tools & social media sites, authentic and standout personal profiles, privacy, online publishing & promotion, tweaking/refining personal information systems for greater productivity, as well as important topics such as crowdsourcing, customer-awareness and online collaboration.
The idea is that individuals can review where they’re at, see particular segments that require attention/learning, feel a sense of achievement with each area they have covered, and be inspired to keep progressing their digital learning.
Most of the programs I design these days (from social media learning, to digital leadership development to digital transformation initiatives) are based on this model for all kinds of staff.