Strategic Advice & Performance Coaching Session

$450.00 (excl GST)

Clarify and progress your top priorities in a one-on-one session.

Book a 45 minute virtual fast-start session here.


Enjoy an Strategic Advice & Performance Coaching Session when you wish to:

  • work out how to improve your online profile including personal or business websites and social media sites such as LinkedIn, as well as topics for articles and blogposts (especially relevant for thought leaders).
  • review your business plan or project plan for quicker execution.
  • quickly learn about business opportunities, trends and business risks relevant to you and your endeavours (from Blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies, Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things).
  • grow your online customers and connections to relevant industry and market experts.
  • talk through how you will attract customers online and gain strategies to do so.
  • remove obstacles and take your work and life to another level (not kidding on that one!).

What is Involved?

Once ordered, you’ll receive a link to find a time that suits and book your time-slot. If it’s urgent and you can’t see a time free please fast track via emailing us at so we can move things around for you.

We’ll send you a short questionnaire so you can let us know your aims for the session, and as relevant: the link to any of your websites and social media sites, and other online markers.

Feel free to record the session so you can playback and get ready to work fast!

The Strategic Advice & Performance Coaching Session includes:

Strategic Advice & Performance Coaching Session (one, 45-minute session) delivered by an experienced online pilot: Samantha Bell or a Runway Digital pilot.

Before the session we will review the information you send – including sites as relevant.

More than likely you’ll also receive LinkedIn connections to relevant people to help you progress.

Bring along your important questions so we can value-pack your session.

I have the privilege to work with some of the most inspiring founders and CEO's in the world. The coaching I do is fast and provides great flow and speed for people I work with. It involves clever approaches that work, focus on intended outcomes, incorporates clever tech and strategies that are relevant to current markets, and more often than not includes connections to relevant people and an increase in customers. My interest is in providing great value and progressing what you do. Let's go flying!

Samantha (Sam) Bell

Samantha (Sam) Bell

Runway Digital Founder

Sam has that uncanny mix of serious business acumen, intense creativity and expert practical knowledge of the digital world.

Claire Spencer

Digital Expert & Entrepreneur

I couldn't think of anyone with a greater motivational presence than Sam Bell. Her passion for people, ideas and action is an inspiration - she dreams the possibilities, maps out the steps to make them happen, and lives the reality.

Genevieve Callaghan

Communications Expert


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