A quick tip here! A LinkedIn Unique URL in 2016 is the website link you send to others. [2016 is mentioned here as a disclaimer in case Linkedin has more recently changed!]

A LinkedIn Unique URL can often have lots of letters and numbers OR you can look professional and progressive by tailoring it to your name.

It’ll take 5 minutes to create your Linkedin Unique URL in 2016.

Here are the steps:

  1. Just under your photo, look for the “http:…” and at the right of this is a¬†cog / flower / settings icon – click on it!

Linkedin Unique URL in 2016

2. On the right of the screen you’ll find “Your public profile URL”.

Click the pencil to the right of the link.

Update it to your full name or a shortened version.

In the image¬†below you can see my link has two 1’s as sambell was taken and I’d prefer a shorter link than samanthabell.Linkedin Unique URL in 2016

3. Click ‘save’ and you’ll now see under your photo your fancy new Linkedin Unique URL!

Add your new Linkedin Unique URL to your email signature, social media sites, your website and beyond.

You’re looking fine, High Flier!

~ Capt’n Sam

If you’d like more ideas to standout on Linkedin, we’ve a whole guide for you¬†and it is¬†full of 20+ successful professionals’ profiles as examples for you to learn from. Put aside¬†30 minutes – 3 hours (you decide) to go through it and STANDOUT on Linkedin. Imagine feeling so good about how you’re represented on Linkedin – how fabulous would that be!

We wish you well!


Go beyond your current discomfort with your Linkedin presence and feel comfortable with your Linkedin profile and promotion:

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