samantha (sam) bell

samantha (sam) bell

runway digital founder

thanks for landing here, the crew is working on opening the doors so we’ve a few moments together.

hey there, i’m sam. i started runway digital and have been the “captain” here since 2006. we’re a network of experts who are well-connected internationally and focused on exceptional results. we’re looking forward to seeing you fly high.

we’ve seen some airports, runways and client lift-offs ~

35 countries & over 200 businesses, large to small

over 1,000 people & hundreds of professionals’ linkedin profiles

over 80 digital & social media plans, over 70 business plans

i’ve experienced the intensity of corporate and entrepreneurial life: how to create outcomes, lean experimentation, and working with agile global teams creating value. it’s this that drives us to review all of our products and services with:

“can it be simpler, shorter and quicker to understand?”

“how can we provide more value?”

i’m fascinated with what’s coming, clever business and high performing people and i’m known for these skills:

if you’re after more information about me, check out my linkedin.