The Story

Hey, I’m Sam. I’m the Founder of Runway Digital and a digital stylist and business coach.

For 25 years I’ve experimented with tech and business and guided people with the ideas that work.

In 2006 I was an early adopter of Social Media and developing personal, online style. This is when Runway Digital was born, named for how we enjoy clearing the way for people to fly online.

Being known as a digital business person, I’ve been profiled in major newspapers and magazines, sharing digital and business tips. All great fun – as you can see in the photo with Dan above!

My Digital Business Experience

My background is as a businessperson in all kinds of organisations.

As a strategy consultant for KPMG and Deloitte, I worked with exceptionally clever and high-performing people around the world creating plans to improve businesses.

As a business coach to small businesses and social good organisations, I partnered with the best operators to make initiatives fly with low or no budgets.

As a business owner and events director, I’ve experimented with many systems and tech to get more done, reduce stress and free myself up to enjoy more life.

As a connector, I’ve found digital ways to quickly introduce relevant people and see their ideas become a reality!

My Digital Style

From these experiences, I’ve created a personal digital style that works well for me and for Runway Digital. My videos are done on the fly, my online words and imagery represents many aspects of me in real life and my sites reach those I wish to.

I experience a deep calm with my digital systems and tech tools, and feel very digitally-empowered, knowing the current trends and having taken action to prepare myself for the future in business and life.

That’s what works for me. What works for you?

Integrating Tech in Your Life and Work

I’m a big believer in integrating tech with your life and work so that it’s as effortless as possible. Ask yourself…

  • What digital systems and tech tools can you use so that as life happens your personal digital style is updated automatically?
  • How do you receive highly relevant information for your work and life?
  • What are the essential topics to know for the future?


Having tech working well means more calm, productivity and, less personal risk and great opportunities – in line with your desires.

We hope you enjoy using the Digital Style System and seeing it work for you as it has for me, our crew and our many clients.

👋 Sam  😁


Samantha (Sam) Bell is a Digital Stylist and Business Coach, specialising in people looking stylish online and being empowered with tech and business.

Through her Digital Business newsletter, her signature Digital Style Program, the Digital Style System and LinkedIn Style books, Sam and the Runway Digital crew are here to make your online styling easy - saving you time, giving you 'tech-confidence' and representing best who you are.

When she’s not coaching people to look stylish online, you’ll find Sam exploring new trends, refining her digital systems or designing her next adventure.

Sam loves snow-skiing, surfing and exploring Australia and the world with her friends and family.  

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