2016 Linkedin Book

Our brand new shiny 2016 Linkedin Book is now available! After ten years of experimenting, The Standout Professional’s Linkedin is a fast-track guide full of insight to looking incredible on Linkedin.

Hot off the Press: Our new 2016 Linkedin Book

If you love achieving loads, let’s see this reflected on your Linkedin profile and get you noticed automatically.

There’s no time to waste!

Be sure that you look amazing online, no longer have any concerns about how to project yourself online, and are getting on with enjoying your great work.

Just in case you’d enjoy more encouragement, know that it’s about time to get known online…

2016 Linkedin book

Linkedin has been around for ages and, as you’re a clever professional/consultant/expert, the internet means you’re now working and competing locally and globally.

The most successful companies in the world hear, quickly find, and work with great people anywhere who have an internet connection at a globally competitive price.

Sometimes this can be decided through first impressions online.

Potential clients, customers, colleagues, partners, employers can search for, find and work with the very best.

Imagine: while you’re working, knowing that online you’re standing out – clearly and credibly.

Let’s make sure you are seen as the very best in your area, with impressive endorsements from others too so that relevant opportunities come to you, any time of the day or night.

The other area we love to encourage people is setting things up so you can easily connect with the best people in your area.

Since work is less and less about the hours you work, where you work or how and more about outcomes and speed, as a high performer, you’ll save time through quickly meeting like-minded people, who can become partners, team members and clients, as well as expand your knowledge, provide new perspectives on topics you’re working on and interested in.

And as an employee, when you own your space online, you increase your employability (yep, that’s word!). It’s kind of like an insurance policy!

Essentially, looking great online saves time, increases work enjoyment and increases the quality of the services you provide.

Sound great?! We hope so as we’d love to see you fly high online so we’ve designed and written a quick guide.

All 13 chapters of the 2016 Linkedin guide are available here. You’ll have lots of laughs and perhaps even be surprised and delighted with how impressive you look!

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