START HERE: 8 Changes to your LinkedIn Account for Job Hunts

Here are 8 changes to your LinkedIn account and a cheatsheet (wahoo!) that will help to attract relevant people to your profile and if you’re job hunting, they’ll help find your great next role.

If you’ve discomfort that your LinkedIn profile is not good enough follow these steps and make sure your LinkedIn presence and profile is as outstanding as you can make it. It’ll help to attract the right people to progress your work.

Enjoy! 🙂

8 changes to your LinkedIn account for job hunts


8 Changes to your LinkedIn Account

1. Focus

Be clear!

  • Who do you wish to reach?
  • What do you wish to achieve through using LinkedIn?
  • Clarify your rules for accepting an invitation.
  • State how much time you’ll dedicate to LinkedIn each week.

Use LinkedIn as a tool rather than being on it for hours!

2. Make contact easy!

Make sure your email and website details are clear. Create a unique link to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Make an impression!

Add that fabulous headline and photo! Jam-pack your Summary & Experience section with the things you are proudest of that’ll connect with those you want to attract. Keep it succinct! Add words your target reader will search for. Once saved, check the organisation’s logo appears.

4. Add extra sparkle

Inspire your reader with additional information in these sections: Education, Volunteering Roles, Additional Organisations (especially if you’re a Member or Fellow of an organisation), Certification (remember that Management course you did last year?), Publications, Projects, & Donors & Awards (include internal awards even if they’re small!). Rename courses (within reason!) for people to quickly understand.

5. Help your customers check in

In Skills, add words that your target reader will search for. Most important skills at the top. Use customer- and industry-relevant words to describe what you do and your value. So exciting! Delete irrelevant skills (e.g. Microsoft Word for more senior people).

6. Polish your shoes

Brief your colleague / friend on who you wish to attract and have them review and provide feedback on your profile. Make sure spell check is complete and formatting is consistent. You’re looking fine!

7. Greet those you know

Connect your address book to LinkedIn. Make sure it includes email addresses of your current and previous customers, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and clients for the clever LinkedIn elves.

8. Create LinkedIn Karma

Acknowledge people in your team publicly after finishing a project via LinkedIn recommendations & often it’ll be reciprocated. Ask high profile leaders and influential people in your industry to provide you a recommendation, provide them with an example.

9. Tweak your settings

Turn off most email notifications. Leave important ones on!

10. I like this profile…

Create a bit of mystery in your profile so people will want to know more 🙂

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