Agility Divide 💪 👌 😊 #49

Roll and Jump!

The “digital divide” (the divide between those who understand online platforms/sites/language and those who don’t) now has an “agility divide” layer on top. Humans continue to optimise processes and tech (AI, VR, energy production) and ‘new’ / tailored is available quickly. To be relevant, people are focused, adaptable and create fast progress.

In world’s best environments I see that sought-after people are agile –

1) They’re open to new arrivals (such as using a new online collaboration site or being ready to roll with experiences that are different to plans).

2) They attract progress quickly by doing work in line with their personal talents & interests (some say “purpose”). Their information sources are refined naturally as they’re curious about the relevant topics.

3) They watch for and experience flow. This isn’t always easy. It takes practice and awareness.

4) They have things around them happen fast through being focused, culling, being intentional and regularly listening to intuition.

5) They’re highly productive, curious, and entrepreneurial.

It’s fascinating seeing how the combination of these attributes leads to experimentation, less planning, and more adaptability.

Even Elon admits to not having a business plan.

Leaders say they’re hiring for adaptable people with broad skills to match their (currently unknown) business environment in six months.

What are curious to learn more about? Reply – I’m happy to explain what I’ve experienced – perhaps our conversation will have you fly higher.

Curious about Freedom? 

The “The Courage to be Disliked” book completely WOWed me.

I was curious when I spotted the title, read that it’s a great success in Japan and is now available in English. The authors delicately explain powerful life topics and the Japanese influence shines through.

This review that will give you more insight… or just start reading the book.

Insightful? Let me know.

Do you agree?

Great reads / listens


  • Elon @ SXSW – great to be inspired again. Similar content to his other presentations though a few updates peppered throughout.


  • Amazing:


  • This is a surprise to some. Great representation to promote understanding, especially for Aussies: 

Great online presence

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