Build Your Network 👌 👀 🏃 #16

How To Build Your Network Of Online Advisors


Welcome to the 16th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

The subject this time round is Growing your Network online.


Pull up a chair, I’m here to tell you a short story that goes a lil’ somethin’ like this ~

In October I was contacted by Troy who found me on LinkedIn through my connection to the Do Lectures.

I saw the Clippings page on his website and was inspired. After a few LinkedIn messages, we established similar interests, caught up for a coffee, learnt about each others’ work, exchanged a few more links and set the intent to stay in contact. It’ll be fun to work together if it happens. Already I’ve gained so much from the links in the original messages.

One of the links was this enthralling short film that led me to Chris Burkard’s photography which has completely WOWed me. I’ve the feeling of incredulousness (yep, that’s a word) and joy when I see his photos.

Let’s break it down.

1. Troy found me on LinkedIn.

Tip: Get your online profile up to date and set up well for people searching for someone with your experience, interests and intentions.

2. Sam has an interesting LinkedIn profile. 

Tip: Think of what is unique for about you and how you wish to represent that uniqueness as best as you can and work out who you wish to attract. Who would you be rapt to attract? Write to them on your website, LinkedIn, other social media sites, email newsletter, and/or blog. Create some mystery so they’ll get in touch…

(We can help if you’re keen.)

3. Troy has an interesting website.

Tip: Setup your online profile for opportunities with new employers, recruiters, clients, media, advisors, supporters, collaborators… think about the broad range of people you wish to attract.

We’re in a global economy. Find people who can inspire, wow, motivate, teach, support, and work with you. Grow your network of relevant advisors and those who can pass on opportunities to you.

4. Sam accepted the LinkedIn invitation.

Tip: Be open to connecting with new people on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid! It’s a business networking site. You can remove the connection easily. You never know who’ll connect you to your next opportunity. Accept invitations if they seem relevant to you or you sense interest and reach out to relevant people (tips here).

5. Interesting messages were received.

Tip: You never know where one message may lead. Setup LinkedIn and other online sites so you can reply to opportunities in a timely manner. Maybe it’s daily or weekly or monthly – whatever you can manage. Quick responses can be good. Setting up email alerts (in LinkedIn for example) can help if you’re not in these sites regularly.

6. They met.

Tip: Have free time in your diary to meet new people. Good luck.

7. Helpful, interesting links were received.

Tip: You may not like Chris Burkard’s photography. That’s partly the point. I really like it. Find what you like, who you enjoy following. Find people online who enrich your work and life.

Receiving highly tailored links inspire and save time. That happens when your interests, intentions and experience are clear online. Go you good thing.

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