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Your Unique Online Identity

Long-time subscribers know my emphasis on authentic, online personal branding and harnessing useful tech. As AI becomes ubiquitous, it’s crucial to continue diving into self-discovery. This allows you to convey your distinct perspective, topics that interest you and your expertise online, according to your comfort level.

Your unique insights are invaluable in training AI tools in support of you and your clients/customers/readers. They enable technologies, such as ChatGPT or advanced 3D/voice avatars, to represent you authentically and to effectively attract relevant people.

By tapping into your inner wisdom, be it through intuition, spiritual training, or other methods, your online presence becomes more powerful. Your ability to make extraordinary connections not only enriches your online presence but also guides and tailors AI through learning from your unique perspective.

You are just as or even more powerful than any AI.

Leverage all the tools at your disposal for a remarkable journey in these exciting times!
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Learning Artificial Intelligence

If you’re new to AI, jump into my recent article “Successfully Riding Tech Waves: From Dot Com to Social Media to Crypto to AI”. It includes links to useful tools and free courses to quickly learn, including this quick reference from Rowan:
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My CEO (ChatGPT) Created a Successful T-shirt Business

I loved following along João’s experiment where he used $1,000 startup capital and engaged ChatGPT an hour a day to create a successful business. He wrote the most wonderful newsletter with lots of humour along the way. Enjoy his talk: 

Your Unique Data

One of the AI topics I’m most interested in is how personal data is used and protected within an AI and associated company(ies). 

This article is a great one to get up to speed with the various aspects so you can use AIs with awareness of what you’re sharing and where else it’s being used. The article analyses an AI by Rewind that records all of your dealings via your computer and provides efficiencies.

Also read the comments about Rewind here. Interesting…

Another BIG topic is how fakes are outed. Here are insights to camera tech – including digital signatures. Fascinating.

Impressive bots


What’s Useful to You?

I’d love to hear your AI thoughts – hit reply!

Which chatbot are you using: Chat GPT-3 or 4GrokCoPilotBard,…?

Which Apps (PI,…)?

Favourite AI podcasts (Possible,…)?

Books (The Coming Wave…)?

Personal productivity hacks? 

Let me know what’s working for you, your concerns, what you’re pondering…

Augment Your Clever

“GenAI isn’t here to do the work of people or replace them, but instead it serves as a creative partner to augment human output.”
Brian Solis

Here is another great graphic from Brian and co with many AIs represented:

Ready for 2024?

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The creation-death cycle

Hoping this has you chuckling:

Supporting Indigenous Clever

Iris wrote a wonderful book called “Climbing the Tallest Tree” and we became dear friends. She runs great events in nature and this month she’s flying her Anangu sisters to see the sea and is calling for donations – any amount helps.

Details here.
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