Are you kidding me? I really can increase my leads and client opportunities by improving LinkedIn? By 700%.

Is LinkedIn that site where you added your CV then left it thinking “surely that’s enough information?”.

Perchance (cool word, hey?) you’re now wondering if through improving Linkedin you could attract prospective customers, clients, employers, or industry peers and media, or public speaking opportunities? Great question.

Perhaps you could also look more impressive to potential employers / peers / clients?

Maybe it’s all a bit…ughh… “Where do I start?”


* Having relevant people and business leads regularly contact you.

* Proudly forwarding your LinkedIn profile to others & displaying it on your email signature and knowing it is an impressive representation of your experience and great way to promote your skills.

* Those rare moments when a LinkedIn thought pops into your head that you feel happy knowing it’s setup well.

It’s possible.

Plus, you can do the necessary tweaks within 30 minutes to 3 hours (you choose).

I’m a big advocate for doing relevant tweaks quickly and getting on with great work.

Here’s how I increased views of my LinkedIn profile by 700+% ~

In January I averaged 1 view every day or two. I’d say 60% of people viewing my profile looked relevant to my business.

Linkedin Samantha Bell increasing who's viewed your profile - baseline

Tip #1 ~ At the start of February I added more words to my header/ tagline, Summary, role titles and descriptions. Words that would be used by people that I wanted to read my profile.

The views of my profile steadily started increasing and were higher quality.

Linkedin Samantha Bell increasing who's viewed your profile - two months on

Through April I averaged 2.5 views a day. The high in the graph below is the attention around the launch of my eBook.

Tip #2 ~ Mid-May I started self-publishing an article to LinkedIn once a week.

The articles I am publishing are increasing in quality and I’m starting to gauge the style and topics of interest to my LinkedIn audience.

I use Amy & Alex’s blogpost structure: “PDF” – Articulate the Pain first, then provide ideas on the Dream (vision of life with the pain eliminated or partly fixed), then explain the Fix (solution).

The articles take 3-5 hours to create and publish.

Tip #3 ~ Engage/Connect with people who show interest in your writing

Each time people like, comment or share my article, I learn more about my target audience’s interests and their point of view. I connect with people who’ve shown interest. This has made my newsfeed more interesting.

People liking, commenting and sharing sends my post to their network who may in turn wish to connect or like the posts (which then goes to their network). These actions continue to connect me with a highly relevant network.

Increase Linkedin views fastclient opportunities by improving Linkedin

In July, my profile views averaged 4.8 people a day, I had 5-10 new connection requests each week and people who view my profile are increasing in relevance. This is in part because I’m writing about topics I’m interested in, with my unique perspective – effectively I’m attracting people who are fascinated by the same topics.

I’d say 80% are relevant new contacts and I’ve a lovely automated online promotion and business development system.

In the past week I’ve been contacted by a new client (we’ve already started their great work) and to present as an employer branding expert to VP’s of large organisations at an event, and to meet with a VP of Innovation of another large organisation.

All from a post that gained 100 views.

client opportunities by improving Linkedin

LinkedIn views as at 23 August, 2016

Tip #4 ~ Engage with your target clients/customers/partners

Use the search bar to find relevant people for your work: new clients or customers, partners, potential candidates. Here’s how:

1. Search LinkedIn for each of these:

  • the same title as you, similar or more senior role titles (industry peers, leaders, and experts)
  • words relevant to your industry (for example, I searched for “Digital Transformation”)
  • relevant subject areas to your work
  • titles used by potential clients and customers
  • current and past colleagues

2. Scroll through the list and find people with interesting titles and photos that give you a good feeling (think: are you fascinated/interested to learn more from them?). Send them an invitation to connect. …For the rest of the steps, head here.


LinkedIn views as at 25 October, 2016

BONUS: Tip #4 ~ Engage in Groups

In early August, I topped the pops with 17 people viewing my profile in a day.

The background is that I spotted a post in a Group with huge engagement and rich comments on a topic that fascinated me. I instantly liked posts (that I liked) and connected on LinkedIn with the people who wrote them. Some connected and the leader who started the discussion is an expert who I’m now collaborating with.

It was so pleasurable to find so many people in one place who are interested in topics I am and I learnt a lot from their comments.

Finding groups and discussions that are relevant and rich takes a lot of time and effort. I’d suggest allocating 2-4 hours a week for 2 months to research and engage in Groups.

Tip: In your newsfeed look for ‘Trending in {Group Name}’. If it’s a topic of interest to you or your potential clients, look then for high numbers of likes and comments, and engage.

BONUS: Tip #5 ~ Connect with Media & Recruiters

In September I connected with local, high profile media in relevant industries and topics, as well as recruiters in relevant areas so we knew of each other. The bonus is that I’m now seeing a richer representation of what is happening in the industry through seeing the types of jobs advertised and for whom.

LinkedIn lead generation success for thought leaders

My newsfeed needs more tweaking now (I’ll need to unfollow some new connections) as the articles coming through aren’t as tailored to my interests. Generally, I’m having to do less to maintain a much higher level of relevant views.

Quantifying the gains & time savings

Since May I have had tens of thousands of dollars of leads come through LinkedIn that have converted to sales.

When I meet with people I look and sound a lot like my LinkedIn profile so there’s an ease-fulness to our work (there’s no shock from me looking or sounding different). This speeds up rapport and outcomes.

My profile on LinkedIn is available 24 hours x 7 days. It’s clear what I do and my perspectives and the topics I’m interested in are increasingly clear through publishing weekly articles. This means that press, potential partners, clients and influencers have a greater chance to find me and assess whether to work together.

People I meet are pre-qualified because they already understand the programs I run, the style and what I’m interested in (owing to the articles I write). This can save a lot of time and set expectations well.

When a contact calls me now they’ve often seen a recent article and will talk about the solution they seek framed in ways I’ve outlined. Again, a time saving.

More people are commenting on and challenging my perspectives. My thinking on many topics has expanded and I’ve greater contentment with my work as I’m having many more conversations with contacts who are interested to collaborate and add new dimensions to my thinking and learning.

My network is expanding through my writing and my LinkedIn profile to include people I wouldn’t have found simply through a LinkedIn search. Relevant people are finding me. This increases impact, leads and outcomes.

Over time with more connections and increased publishing on LinkedIn, the statistics and quality will continue to improve.

See where you’re at with your numbers on LinkedIn:

  1. Scroll to almost the top of your screen
  2. Choose “Profile”
  3. Then click “Who’s viewed your Profile”

Keen to gain new leads and client opportunities by improving LinkedIn?

  1. Block out time in your diary to update your profile.
  2. Use our latest tips.
  3. Enhance further using tips from our guide: The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn.

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