Digital Business

This week, this Digital Business presentation was delivered to 100 leaders from Australia and beyond, gathered for a large organisation’s yearly Sales conference.

You can use this presentation for digital learning, each slide is like a flashcards giving you a thought starter for further research.


Digital Business learning


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Digital Business

Presentation Transcription:

1. Digital Business 1. Macro statistics 2. Trends, risks and opportunities & the “Internet of Things” 3. Privacy and ethics 4. Digital integration in organisations 5. YOU online!
2. Declaring my intention. To increase your digital business awareness & encourage research & use. (Great images help)
3. Relax! This presentation is online
4. There’s now over 7 Billion of us. That’s a lot of coffee.
5. 3 Billion internet users
6. 4.2 Billion are yet to have internet access
7. 36% of the world’s population is online in India and China
8. Largest users ~ 25-34yo. Closely followed by 18-24yo, 35-54yo 65yo+ on the increase
9. On any salary, they’re likely to be on Facebook
10. Each day ~ 4 – 5 hours desktop 3 hours mobile
11. increased quality expected ~ high quality images, use of progressive tech
12. Customer service through new channels is expected (doesn’t have to be 24×7 if communicated well)
13. Workforce changes Global market, cheap tech means greater ease for new market entrants
14. Micro sourcing creates pressure for individuals to become more strategic. “3D Modelling is rapidly growing in the Philippines with an ever increasing number of highly talented 3D artists”
15. “War for Talent” to Remote Workers
16. TED Talk Imagine the massive potential of 3D Printing and printing what we need/want
17. We’ve only just started
18. 75 billion connected devices by 2020
19. 25+ Billion embedded & intelligence systems by 2020
20. 50 Trillion GBs of Data by 2020
21. With ease of tech comes ethical questions
22. We’re all learning how to integrate the internet in life.
23. Convenience / Privacy
24. CEOs are recognising the value of digital business transformation
25. Digital business returns Reduced costs Improved quality Increased revenue Improved service Avoid PR issuesFaster ideas, more of them People retention Talent attraction
26. Collaborative cultures meet faster needs.
27. “Hey Crowd, what are your ideas for our organisation?”
28. Employee expertise & trust.
29. Employees profiled (& trusted).
30. Digitally aware & trusted staff can pioneer world ideas lead their organisation to understand.
31. Organisation charts change Ref: @armano again 
32. It’s about you.
33. “…within 15 years CEOs will need to know the ins and outs of new media, social network technologies and social communities before they get the job.” “CEOs should write their own blogs …C-level executives … blog four to eight times per year” Forrester Research Chief Executive Officer, April, 2010
34. Aquent ~ Hong Kong Office role: 9 meaningful candidates Efficiency: 1 tweet = minutes vs hours of searching Cost saving: $20k on potential advertisement Training & Development: 1 year
35. Observe Start to share So Much Value
36. “Take it seriously. Invest the time. It can be used trivially (and then so can a telephone) It can be incredibly powerful, incredibly influential. Traditional media will become less of a focus. Online Word of Mouth increasingly important The tip for CEO’s is get to understand it yourself. Use it yourself.” Visit the Savage Truth at:
37. Tips: LinkedIn Profile Start ~ Professional photo Catchy headline Add your relevant experience Connect with your network Notifications settings – receive emails for important messages Next steps ~ Regular interesting content Engage with your connections – recommendations, comments, Follow interesting groups Search + connect with relevant people
38. Tips: Social MediaIf you don’t yet know about online media, get involved. Theory is very different to taking time to blog / tweet / use Facebook / YouTube. Personal use is different to business too. Learn what works, what’s appropriate. Ask for tips from others. Share what you learn. Involve people in your area who have used online media a lot. Encourage others to use.
39. Keep on track. Clear intentions. Clever metrics. Experiment & tweak.
40. Allow the things that matter to reach you. Turn off the rest.

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