Digital Leadership

Technology, the internet and social media is embedded in every aspect of business and increasingly life, work, and society. As a business leader, digital leadership is essential. It’s up to you to be self-empowered and armed with knowledge of new technology, business models, life and business trends, and new market entrants. With this you can plan well knowing what’s just around the corner and what could possibly arrive faster than expected.

Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership is being wise in Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s also continual learning about Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Wet Tech (biological technology – think of you having an ultra brain!) and much more.

Strengthening your Digital Leadership

Here are four insight parcels that provide quick learning (and grow your curiosity) for approximately an hour.

  1. Digital Business Introduction & Thought Starters by Runway Digital ~

2. Learn from Futurist and Speaker Gerd Leonhard on future trends, mobile, big data, the cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) ~

3. As product-to-market cycles gets faster, there are important ethic questions. This presentation by Futurist Gerd Leonhard covers organisational and market ethics, including important questions such as: “Who makes decisions on privacy and what’s ethically appropriate for your customers?”.

4. This presentation shows the change in education as an example of one industry in change.

Check in to further reading from Runway Digital and Gerd Leonhard.

If you’re keen to develop your personal digital leadership (yahoo!!) here are virtual programs and learning tools to help you fly.

To grow your organisation’s digital leadership fast, check in to our Runway Digital programs. Ask Sam any questions to help you progress here on Messenger or via email.

Fly high online and in life!

~ Sam


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