Digital Style 😎🤩🤓 #68


We’re resuming the fortnightly news with easy answers to your digital questions then fascinating links. Enjoy!



What works well for (often very senior) people we coach…

…is being able to ask any question at any time.

You can too!


  • getting strategic direction, feedback and ideas on your whole online look
  • setting up clever online systems so that life and work flow
  • feeling digitally empowered, using useful apps and knowing terms
  • reaching your audience



2020: Being Digitally Stylish

Feeling great about how you look online and your digital understanding is having Digital Style.

Each of us have an online style and sites, do many digital activities, and have online systems (including phone alerts). We’ve simplified it all so you can focus on what’s important.

Welcome to using the Digital Style System.


Come on in to the Digital Style Program.

Learn from 10 Digital Style lessons, 25 short videos, 2 books (LinkedIn Style Book & the Digital Style System Book) and the private group – where your understanding comes to life through your and others’ questions.

Most of all I’d love to see you in the group to catch-up and answer your specific questions… and see you fly!



Your Stylish Discount

Digital Style Program: $550.

Early Bird: $100

At purchase (until the end of January) use coupon code: EB


Digitally-Educated Groups

If you wish to test the Program to share with many others reply and we’ll give you free access.

Perhaps your team or friends and family?


Recent, Fascinating Links

What will happen in 2020 from Fred Wilson.

Decade-thinking and dreaming may be easier: Mel Robbins’ #BestDecade course.

Still don’t get cryptocurrencies? Try a minute or two on this and this.

Wondering why the kids are so quiet? (SO GOOD!)

Lots of grins and LOLs from the latest Aussie commercial on Insta. #MateSong

High fives to Libby who just circumnavigated the world.

Inspiring views and thoughts from Nick Jaffe.

Could you use Do Not Disturb on your phone 100% of the time?

Team Ginger is lucky.

The ‘world’s largest mirror’ is beautiful.

May satisfaction always be available to you.

“So, there’s a movement for simplifying your life: purchase less stuff, own a few things that are very high quality that last a long time, and that are multifunctional.” Yvon Chouinard via Libby




It has been an intense time here in Australia with the fires, poor air quality and more extreme weather conditions. I’m looking forward to the warnings and weather lifting so I can road-trip, as they say “with cash to spend, an empty fuel tank and a need for groceries”. Smaller towns, I’ll be coming.

If you’re looking for ways to donate, there’s Red Cross Australia and World Wildlife Fund and book a stay / donate / get a gift certificate from Payne’s Hut as they’ve been protecting their property rather than welcoming guests.


Here’s to 2020 being wonderful for you.

As always, feel free to reach out with how you’re going, what you’re wondering, and to say “Hi”.

We’re here to see you fly,

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