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Setting up your digital systems

Given many areas of the world are in intense times, the main thing I want to do here is provide you a moment to reflect:

What ways could you improve your phone, computer and devices so that work and life are easier?

Enjoy the insights you receive.

Here are a few tips too:


Digital Style Tips: Apps, Settings, Systems & more

Mel Robbins’ productivity hacks include using your phone wallpaper / background as a reminder. Works well (and so do many other ideas she has included).

I’m really enjoying using the new Dark Mode on various apps – give it a try on phones, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more. Thanks to Hamish for mentioning this in the Digital Style group.

I’ve tried (and left on) YouTube’s ‘take a break’ setting. Great to see another social media site introduce a wellbeing option.

How are you supporting yourself with calm smartphone / computer / device modes, less notifications and less distractions?

Is there anything you’ve been meaning to fix / update / change?

Look after yourself digitally.

Your digital wellbeing is important.

Want more tips & ideas?

We’ve a whole module on Digital Wellbeing in the Digital Style Program.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

I highly recommend do not disturb while driving. It takes about 2 minutes to setup and it’s inconsequential what sort of car you have as it’s sensing movement rather than needing to be connected to bluetooth or a specific car system.

Using Siri/Voice

I loved seeing a friend using Siri on her Apple Watch to set a cooking timer this week. Voice is becoming the norm…

I also had a chance to encourage the same friend to use her watch for banking. Leaving the wallet and phone behind is good fun. For those concerned about someone getting access to your banking, remember to setup the passcode on your watch. 

Digital Business Trends and Insights

Amongst the 2020 trends blogposts and articles, I enjoyed reading Benedict Evans’ annual “macro trends” deck (via Fred Wilson) covering eCommerce, Twitch, Augmented Reality (AR) glasses and more. If you work in strategy or want to think strategically for your business, this deck has useful prompts for your thinking.

Having worked on business ideas through the dotcom era, this quote delighted me:

This Report mentioned digital systems expanding from work to everyday life. It’s beyond work and life…it’s also about your personal wellbeing. This is why we encourage you (& are here to support you) to get your systems in order.

Digital Style Examples

Enjoy our new Digital Style tips, examples, inspiring sites and favourite books and podcasts:

Here’s to your Digital Style!


P.S. Have you had a chance to pack an esky? #BushfireRecovery

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