Drones & AgTech 🔜 🍎 🎧 #10

Drones, AgTech & AirPods

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Welcome to the 10th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

The subject this time round is Ag Tech.


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Time to get dirty!

In our last newsletter we talked about biotech, genetech and here we are with insights to AgTech (agriculture tech or “pre-farm gate” as they say), genetech, foodtech, and food ecommerce.Drones, AgTech & AirPods

Last year I was fascinated to hear of farmers using drones rather than flying planes to inspect stock and land, saving time, money and head-space.

Drones are being used to spray crops and to check disaster areas.

Drones, AgTech & AirPods

Some farmers are becoming hackers, adding components so their machinery self-drives and sensors on livestock are becoming smaller and smarter.

Tech is being integrated into our lives… everywhere!

It’s these sort of stories that bring to mind the joys from new tech.

Will you go to GMO?

“Between now and 2050 the world’s food system will need to produce 70 per cent more food” ~ United Nations

The world’s population growth means more of our food supply will be synthetically created or GMO foods. We’ll hear much more on the GMO vs non-GMO debate. Reading a few articles here and there may help you learn more – check-in to the links below.

Happy week to you, have fun with whatever you are choosing to do…Drones, AgTech & AirPods

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PPS. Enjoy this fun, 6-min Holo Lens experience (Virtual Reality) and check outApple’s new AirPods (for the Aussies – they’re available late-October).

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Drones, AgTech & AirPods

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