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Hi and welcome to theĀ 42ndĀ EditionĀ of this email.


Happy 2017!

I’m a fan of delighting people via postal mail.

Most end of year cards I saw this year were wrapped in thick, unrecyclable plastic so I orderedĀ recycled paper postcardsĀ and got out the watercolours.

If you’d like a treat in your postbox, reply with your postal address before 16 December.Ā Let’s have fun.



Big Art.

I’ve had a great surprise this week: a bird’s eye view of a new, massive street art being painted and seeing focused artistsĀ Fintan MageeĀ andĀ Jason Parker. They’reĀ painting in all kinds of weather, up and down and across in the cherrypicker (effortlessly working at heights) and their iPhones are getting workouts to check their plan. Seeing them write the original grid with numbers on the empty cement wall then filling in each section with such attention to the shading and colours has been so inspiring.Ā Imagine doing a paint by numbers of this size, to this level of detail and with such success. Whoah! Talent!

Great to see they’re supported by Taubmans (I enjoyed reading links to street art and theirĀ history)Ā with loads of paint rollers, brushes and sooo much paint.

If you’re in Melbourne, head down Little Bourke Street, just before Spencer, to see this and others painted. Otherwise,Ā here are the photosĀ as it comes to be (I plan to add photos to this link until the art is completed).

Thanks toĀ Juddy RollerĀ & crews for bringing this to be and to Sarah Moran for helping me track down the artists’ names.


“Fin uses a combination of human and machine intelligence to provide high quality, on-demand assistance so you can focus on what is most important to you.”Ā Product Hunt newsletter.

Excellent! ThisĀ great product videoĀ shows how Fin is clever.

Fin could save you time and give you more ease. It’s a great time to try it out asĀ “Fin is waiving the $120 monthly minimum spend for the Product Hunt community — you can signupĀ hereĀ to pay per request.”

Ross Hill first mentioned using Fin so you couldĀ get in touch with him.

Favourite Reads & Listens.

Once again Cal Newport (author of “Deep Work”) has me captivated. In “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” he shares his observations of the 3 core traits in people he’s interviewed that love doing exceptional work:

(1) Impact
Creativity (2)
(3) Control

He debunks the passion hypothesis (that you need to follow your passions to find work you love) andĀ courage culture (that you need to be emotionally brave too) and instead highlights people who have developed their experience and skills (career capital) prior to using it for greater autonomy, income, flexibility and more.

TheseĀ summarised notesĀ are worth a scan if you’re not going to read the book (the Audible version is short & engaging).

It’s a fascinating time as always. I’m curious to see what happens withĀ Facebook’s Messenger for KidsĀ and will be looking onĀ to see what the main character in this street art has in his left hand (will let you know)! Haven’t yet mentioned anything about the Apple Watch 3 – after a couple of months I’m a fan!

That’s all from me for now.Ā As always, shoot me a reply with topics you’d like to read – they add extra spark.

Have a wonderful time,

~ Sam


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