Differentiate yourself online and showcase your unique experience and abilities.

This guide steps you through each stage and provides simple timings to understand what’s coming.

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How long does it take to standout online?

How long does it take to standout online

1. Setup LinkedIn with your simple career history

Time it takes: 45 mins – 3 hours

How to?

  • Google search: setup LinkedIn¬†account
  • Add your photo, a brief summary, your current role and contact details.

2. LinkedIn with words your target audience uses

Time it takes: 30 mins – 3 hours

How to? Follow these insights.

3. Simple personal website

Time it takes: 15 mins – 1 hour

How to?

  • Setup about.me one-page¬†1-page website – a professional experience paragraph, contact details & the link to your LinkedIn.
  • Add link to your website to LinkedIn, email signature & any other professional Social Media content such as your tweets.

4. Personal website with two pages: Home & About

Time it takes: 15 mins – 1 hour

How to?

  • Setup Strikingly or¬†WordPress.com¬†site with link to LinkedIn.
  • Add website link to your LinkedIn, email signature & any other professional Social Media sites you use.

5. Personal website with 3 pages: Home, About & Blog. Monthly Blogging. Newsletter

Time it takes: 15 mins – 2 hours each month

How to?

  • Add blog to personal (or business) website.
  • Consider starting a regular newsletter & design process to publish regularly (fortnightly / monthly).
  • Content plan (audience, language used, topics, perspectives you’re keen to share, case studies, publishing day/dates).
  • Create blogposts & publish on blog & as a LinkedIn article.
  • Share on professional Social Media.

6. Outreach –¬†Advanced techniques to grow¬†your audience quicker

Time it takes: 15 mins – unlimited

How to?

15 mins – unlimited

  • Find & share interesting information on professional Social Media & forums where your target audience meets.
  • Plan your¬†best activities with respect to intentions
  • Connect with media, influencers of your audience and provide content to them for their influential sites & podcasts.
  • Consider: increasing frequency of posts & scheduling, creating content (e.g. video), writing for¬†industry magazines, guest blogging, engaging PR / Outreach services (we can help), SEO, and setting up livechat on your website (and also livechat smartphone app turned on so people can quickly gain answers).


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