How much should I share online?

As more people use the internet, apps and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, a great question comes up: “How much should I share online?”.

How much should I share online?

Each person has a different experience on how to best use the internet.

I often see people go through these stages:

1. Starting to use the internet and finding interesting info.

2. Starting to share interest information and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

3. Starting to connect with people in their industry and/or people who like the same business topics and hobbies. People they connect with may say thanks for the great information shared and increase interest in sharing more.

4. More sharing, more connecting with people interested in similar things, less discomfort.

How much should I share online5. Comfortably sharing what they like and writing about what they know / like because they are comfortable and sometimes because they know others benefit from it.

6. Exploring what else can be shared to support others and seeking opportunities to connect their knowledge with more people.

How much should I share online

Whenever we work with people on their online profile, we are keen for them to be comfortable with what they are doing and sharing online. People may never reach stage 6 above and that’s perfect for them.

There’s no point rushing stages or feeling uncomfortable.

Runway Digital’s aim is to have people showcase who they are online. That is, their unique wisdom, interesting perspectives and their experience. There are others in the world that will connect with their perspective and gain from it. They’ll meet people who have seen their online profile and immediately ‘get’ and connect with the person because they’ve a sense already of who they are.

We can coach you as you move through these stages. Let’s go!


See you in the Clouds!


Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

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