I went on LinkedIn to see what other people looked like…

Ughhh… the Linkedin comparing experience can really bring down your mood 🙁

Our work is in helping people have presence online that reflects their unique abilities, attitudes, style, experience and more.

Seeing others’ profiles can be helpful to find clever uses of Linkedin. Perhaps they’ve a great Summary that you can use to inspire your own updates or an interesting use of a new section you don’t yet have on your Linkedin.

If you’ve viewed plenty of profiles and you’re feeling lack, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS another positive perspective to see.

If you’re unsure how to best represent yourself and are feeling you don’t yet standout from your peers, consider asking people in your industry / friends / tutors / lecturers for help in highlighting your unique attributes that you can promote more.

Sometimes on Linkedin it can be using a different section to **STANDOUT** more, e.g:

  • Use the Companies section to note you’re a member of an organisation that’s interesting or
  • add a volunteer role or
  • if you won an award at Uni, add that.

Put yourself into the shoes of someone who thinks YOU ROCK and imagine what they’d write about / add to your Linkedin… brainstorm what extras you can add – do it for a while.

Make sure the basics of your Linkedin profile have a bit of mystery too…. here’s our Linkedin basics cheatsheet.

I hope you have a GREAT time finding your next job and that your career ROCKS 🙂


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