Midjourney Crocheting, Curiosity & Integrity 🧶🧐💎 #71

Yay! We reconnected.

It was so lovely to receive so many responses to my last email. Thanks.

This email is inspired by a number of links I was looking at today. Enjoy!

Reply with any topics or links you’d like to share with others. I love replies. (Can you tell?)

Crochet + AI Images

Whaaaaaat? Crocheting + AI? I’m in. So clever.

Midjourney AI Image Creation by Meg Ball in NYC. I’m very much enjoying seeing the images she’s creating. Wild!

More Curiosity!

Inspire more curiosity. Yay!

Thanks Do Lectures.

Human Hotel

Have you used this site? Such a great business name and idea.

Looking for Remote Work?

Amazing Claire Spencer created her first two GPTs to speed the process of finding remote work.

Check them out!

The world’s first transparent MicroLED screen

Check out other new technologies showcased at the CES consumer tech event.

Newsletters that Captivate

I may stay subscribed to Nick Cave’s Red Hand files for a long time.

It’s a mix of sweet words, human kindness, interesting takes on life and more.

Thanks to my surfing pal Nic for alerting me to this and many other sweet creations.

Recent Writings

The first article below resonated with a fair number of people when I posted it on LinkedIn. It’s about the move from employee to employer or freelancer.

I wrote it for those pondering the move.

(Click the image below to read)

Interested to hear your thoughts on the one below.

Could integrity be a reason for the growth of todo lists?

New, 2024 hobbies?

I’m posting these articles on LinkedIn – feel free to comment on posts and connect with me here.
Happy January to you, your friends and family!


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