An interviewer requested to connect via LinkedIn before the interview…

A question just came up online “interviewer requested to connect via LinkedIn before the interview…Accept or nah?”

Great question! 🙂

From the comments they are an industry peer so it’s an easy “Accept” from me. Here’s why:

  • Once connected, your newsfeed may have updates from him that are industry-specific and of interest to you.
  • They may also want to send you a one-on-one message asking specific questions which (in your generous, keen-to-get-this-job way) you can answer or vice versa (before or after the interview).
  • You could send them a ‘thanks for your time’ message after the interview.

Remember once connected, you can easily remove them as a connection (perhaps a few weeks after the interview!). Here’s how.

Make sure your Linkedin profile basics are in place. Here’s the cheat sheet reference we published yesterday 🙂

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Interviewer requested to connect via LinkedIn before interview

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