Is LinkedIn really of benefit to everyone?

It’s a great question: Is LinkedIn really of benefit to everyone?

If you’re wondering this, let’s checkin to this topic with your Linkedin profile in mind…

Firstly, can you imagine the person you want to get a job from (or who you’re targeting through your Linkedin profile) searching for you on Linkedin?

Linkedin used to be for as they say ‘white collar’ workers though now we work with gardeners, tradespeople and electricians as well as engineers, senior leaders and beyond.

Is LinkedIn really of benefit to everyone?

If you can imagine the person (who’ll give you a job) searching on Linkedin for the skills you have then get a profile and…

  1. Make sure your header/tagline (the words to the right of your photo) has the words they would use to search for you (‘keywords’). Think of the tagline as a what you’re experienced at and what you want to do in the futureIs LinkedIn really of benefit to everyone?
  2. Use these words throughout the names/titles of your previous jobs and in the descriptions
  3. With your gigantic skill set it could be good to use the Skills section where you can list up to 50 skills. A little more on that here.

Pleeeeease include all of your potential 🙂

Point-to-point job history may look boring and you want to be so interesting a potential employer or your targeted Linkedin Reader is keen to contact you to learn more.

Make sure the basics of your Linkedin profile are up to date and have a bit of mystery too! Here’s our Linkedin basics cheatsheet.


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