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Kevin Kelly’s Tech Forces, LinkedIn News, High Performance Tips & Sam’s Update☺


Welcome to the 14th edition of this email (over 6 months!). Did you know you can read all past editions in the archive?

This time round I’m providing a digest of the fascinating things I’m reading / spotting.  Here and there I will throw in one of these more personal emails where I share things I’m enjoying right now, and what’s on my mind. If you like this format, let me know by replying to this email.


Let’s get into it.

I subscribe to and get an audio book each month. Like podcasts, they’re a great way to be informed and now there’s no pile of books by my bed. Wahoo!

My recent favourite audiobooks are:

Kevin Kelly’s “The Inevitable” – within 6 hours of listening you’ll be up to date with the 12 tech forces that are shaping our future. I found listening to this at 1.25 speed worked well and the 6 hours took me about 3 week in amongst listening to other media.

Ryan Holiday’s “Ego is the Enemy” is exactly what you’d hope for.

Bluetooth Headphones have come up a lot in my conversations in the past fortnight. Sounds like the new Jaybirds are even better. I’ve realised that I’m not in the market from Apple’s Airpods as the Jaybirds sit around my neck ready to be popped in my ear when I want to chat to Siri and don’t need to be put away (or lost/left behind on a cafe table!).

I’ve upped my weekly average on podcasts and audiobook listening since writing this post about gaining extra hours of learning in February.

Don’t just take my word for it, try them for yourself. Get learning on-the-go!

Play Your Best (Work) Game.

I’ve collected the tips I’ve learnt from running The Do Lectures here in Australia. Here’s a sneak peak prior to them flying on Social Media:

Creating Incredible Experiences: Tips for the Vision Holder

How Do You Create A High Performing Team for Extraordinary Projects?

How Do You Create An Experience that Goes Beyond Delighting People?

Startup Tips for Creating (Seemingly Impossible) International Events

LinkedIn News

LinkedIn Learning‘s new short courses range from a few minutes to a couple of hours, you’ll pickup great tips and you can listen to many of them without needing to watch the video. I really enjoyed Guy Kawasaki’s simple and quick tips on Entrepreneurship.

On the LinkedIn app, endorsements now include insights on the specialists who rate you in their skill. It takes time for people to endorse you so refresh your skills now – check they’re relevant, in a useful order and double check your settings are on for people to endorse you. Here’s how.

Still not sure where to start with LinkedIn? This very possibly will save you years.

I hope you enjoyed this email & as always, please DO let me know via Twitter if you have feedback, ideas to include, questions or just want to send a fist bump.

Have a fun week, flying high online,

~ Sam

PS. The podcasts I enjoy the most end up on my Podcast recommendations list right here.

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