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The World Needs More Creators. ????


Thanks for all the great responses to the last newsletter! This week Im encouraging your creative side (for good reason).

“Imagine a future where there is no need to cut down a tree and reshape that raw material into a chair or table. Instead, we could grow our furniture by custom-engineering moss or mushrooms.

Perhaps glowing bacteria will light our cities, and…

wipe out Lyme disease”

The next video in Bryan Johnson’s wonderful “Explorations” series is here.¬†It’s a fascinating, effortless, 6 minute spin through how biology will create¬†objects and structures. Click this image¬†and be ready to be in awe. What could you create?

Why become a creator?

“Fixing something that was making me self-conscious for virtually free,
I felt it was more than worth the risk.” ~ Amos Dudley

Recently a student¬†made 12 sets of braces on his school’s 3D Printer¬†for¬†less than $60 and¬†gained¬†straight teeth – a happy¬†outcome.

Does that start to give you the feeling that anything is becoming possible?

The world needs more creators.


Were heading into interesting times. Carve out some time to explore what interests you, what you could write about / build / share / do.

Research new areas in your industry, explore your hobbies (add in 3D printing?), start a blog, engage with others online and connect with interested people.

We can help (hit reply to this email).I‘ve gained much peace¬†through writing this newsletter and other articles. Through¬†‘getting out’ my insights, perspectives,¬†ideas, and conceptsI‘ve¬†received¬†replies and¬†gained¬†learning, made connections with like-minded professionals, created collaborations and¬†partnerships, and¬†gained business leads and new clients. ¬†I wish great gains for you.

What’s possible?

Best finds:
* Learn more about synthetic biology here (3 minute read)
* Motivation in this article about the world needing more creators (3 minute read) ~ great quote:

* More about how the work of work changing is here (4 mins engaging watch).

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Warm regards from Melbourne,

~ Sam
Runway Digital.com

PS. You’re awesome!

PPS.¬†Here are¬†this week’s favourites from the blog:
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