Newsletter Tips ⛅ ⚡#15

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“Safety” Meetings, B Corporations, Newsletter Tips & Politics ⛅ ⚡


Welcome to the 15th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in the archive?

The subject this time round is, well, Safety Meetings (trust me, it’s fun).


Which newsletters are you enjoying? I find a moment of peace with this one, feel the laughter bubbles coming before I read this one and love the quick fascination dose here.


I met amazing people in the past fortnight who hand-balled me short films and new brands to check out. Enjoy the favourites here. Thrilling!

B Corporations and organisations trying for B Corp status are wonderful. Could you be a Benefits Corporation?

I really enjoyed this interview with Richard Betts (world-class hospitality expert and top sommelier) and loved hearing about his quick “Safety” Meeting in really intense times. It consisted of being mindful of the intensity… taking a moment… racing into the cool-room, throwing down a drink and coming out ready to take on the world. Fun name, quick result! Listen to the interview to get the full meaning. Keep it in mind for your next intense moment?


Just in case politics is getting you down >> get a pep talk from the Kid President 😉

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I wish you all a wonderful new week. If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Fly high online,

~ Sam

PS. Make it happen. You can do it.

PPS. Inspiration and ideas ~

  • I really enjoyed Pandora then Rdio and more recently I tried Apple Music (inspired by my Apple Watch). This week I started using (free) Pandora again and it’s reminding me why I loved Rdio – when music that WOWs you plays with very little effort (not having to do too many thumbs up or down), life is enhanced. I’m currently listening to Zero 7 radio – great for writing a newsletter 🙂 What digital tunes / radio stations do you like?
  • Have you been to a Creative Mornings event? There’s possibly one near you. Last week Anna Ross had the audience in stitches explaining how she used fantasy in building her business Kester Black. Well worth looking out for the fascinating story via video of her talk here (check out the other talks here too).
  • If you’re in London this weekend, head on over to the Do Market. Oh yeah. Plan to stay a while!
  • I’m often blogging about new tech, how to gain clients online, how to enhance your online profile, LinkedIn tips and more here. Similar (though slightly tweaked for LinkedIn) is here.
  • The Golden Record still amazes me. You?
  • Thanks again for your replies and insights. This week as I researched the future of health and foods, I was reminded of Russell’s comments from the AgTech newsletter and that we could feed the increased population if we reduced consumerism as well as wasteful food industry practices (especially animal agriculture). Food for thought (dare I say this pun? yep.). Your comments are fascinating 🙂 Hit reply!
  • Last idea for now: Doctor Strange – great CGI. Worth a watch.

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