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Riding the Front of the Wave (as a Female).

Clever EQ (Emotional Intelligence) expert Roz Batson sent me this cartoon:

“… made me think of you. It pretty much shows your career!
You have always been ahead of the curve….”

Another friend chuckled and said:

“Omg! That is you all over, why oh why can’t the cartoon have boobs though? 😉
cause it’s one thing to be ahead, but another thing to be ahead as a woman
in a male dominated, cape wearing, dungeons and dragons playing industry…”

This came next:

This t-shirt gives me a chuckle and I wear it to promote technical women.

‘Billboards’ and banners like this are reminders of diversity. They’re objects that are creating a change in perspective.

Diversity works. Being (female) / (male) / (otherwise) needn’t matter in the majority of life opportunities and experiences.

(As a female) Having (#MeToo) experienced the abuse of power in work and life I’m keen for the change to happen quickly. In her Golden Globes speech Oprah referred to the (very close) end of the dominant-male-power era. It’s playing out in many arenas. Gone soon will be uncomfortably-received wolf whistles from building sites for my (female) friend walking to lunch, in the media there’ll be less distracting references to womens behaviour, the pay gap will go away, the ‘boys club’ won’t get in the way, women’s glass ceilings will shatter, and more balance will come to be. Sure, then there will be other complexities that come though for now, between gay rights and the balance of the sexes, we’ll get to be great at this diversity stuff and closer to understanding we’re one humanity, each with unique expressions – not limited by other/female/male.

There are plenty of men with a balance of male- and female-labelled traits who don’t abuse power. Perhaps they’re like me wishing for the balance so that there’s less noise or conversation about the imbalance. I hope they get the respect they deserve while this wildfire extinguishes the old ways.

Wear fun objects, promote a woman, create the new. Let’s have more fun.

Calling Girl Geeks.

Sarah Moran and Girl Geek Academy keep creating successful initiatives and promoting the success of women in many ways.

They’re teaching ‘girl geeks’ of all ages to build technology and create startups – 1 million of them by 2025. Wonderful!

Enjoy the happiness of their site. You may want to forward it to a friend and get involved.

Fun Friends Deliver Great Content.

This refreshing post from Fred Wilson last week explained how he receives and then distributes great content.

He emphasises “hyper-curious friends” with a “great breadth of interest” who send him things to read or watch

…and that he never orchestrated this – it’s how it’s happened in life:

…I can relate. In this time of “lifelong learning” Fred’s insight is a wonderful guide for your content consumption – including how to use tech to your advantage:

I’ve written before on what delights me about writing email newsletters – including how writing newsletters focuses research and time spent on research. Fred does this well:

It’s well worth a read. Gulp it down!

Derek Sivers wrote an interesting, short piece too about managing information inflows “Repeatedly follow-up to show you care“.

Enjoy & may your system work well for you so you’re enjoying life. Reply with any tips you have about content consumption.

Great Leadership

The Next Internet.

Often great speeches have lots of relatable analogies, as does this one by Muneeb. He explains that people have far less privacy in the real world than on the internet and how that will change. Great stuff – especially if you’re wanting to better understand why people are talking about Facebook and other large organisations ‘owing individuals’ data’.


Last week I celebrated 30 years of friendship with a friend I met sailing. He’s currently living in Finland while the boat he’s captaining is being built. His experiences are constantly enthralling.

Check out the photos below of the impressive Finland facility he’s working from that allows boatbuilders to walk straight onto the deck as they’re creating a new seafaring vessel.

Humans are incredible.

The Next Internet.

This next stage of the internet with MoIP (value/money over IP) is thrilling & happening fast.

The questioning of many things is intensifying.

What’s fascinating you?

Great reads / listens

  • After listening to Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond by Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar I’ve upgraded my thinking on how to value cryptoassets such as bitcoin. I highly recommend it as a reference.
  • At the 15:03 mark ofthis videoa speaker gives the example of gifting digital flowers to his Mum and her looking at him strangely though his daughter receiving digital flowers from her boyfriend has her thinking he loves her. It’s a great video to show the integration digital into lives and what’s coming next. Also includes a simple explanation of people evolving the storing of their wealth in gold to digital currencies such as bitcoin.
  • Fascinating Genome Editing talkshere, including “the Science and Ethics of Genome Editing“.
  • Inspiring.
  • Expand your view of smart citiesand if you’re carving something like this, ponder the branding opportunities to best position it.
  • Enjoy Humans of NY? How aboutHumans At Sea? [thx Puff]

  • Marvellous information on this site:

(look around this cartoon!)

Great online presence

  • Kate Berry and how she captures and captions beautiful light:

  • What happens when you order from Peel? Good fun. (thx @sivers)

It was amazing to be in the mountains recently.

What did you like in this email? **Hit reply**

~ Sam

(that’s me in the middle with a fabulous Welsh friend and one of my surfing pals)

P.S. The Earphone Update: Apple replaced my Airpods. Turns out they had a faulty battery. Giving them another go!

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