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Digital Style News Archive

Voice Assistants  😎 😍 👌 #51

Voice Assistants 😎 😍 👌 #51

Double Your Estimates. Early in my career an experienced Project Manager gave me advice that I still use: when estimating, come up with how long it'll take then double it - that's the number you give others. It's surprising how often it works and how a simple equation...

Something Thrilling #50 😉💼😲

Something Thrilling #50 😉💼😲

When you've written 50 emails, one per fortnight,there may be nothing more to be said.There again... The Relationship between Humans and the Creative Mystery.  In this TED talk there's mention of a poet running from the field to the house to get a pencil and paper to...

Agility Divide 💪 👌 😊 #49

Agility Divide 💪 👌 😊 #49

Roll and Jump! The "digital divide" (the divide between those who understand online platforms/sites/language and those who don't) now has an "agility divide" layer on top. Humans continue to optimise processes and tech (AI, VR, energy production) and 'new' / tailored...

Next Internet 😎 💫 👣 🔦 #48

Next Internet 😎 💫 👣 🔦 #48

Riding the Front of the Wave (as a Female). Clever EQ (Emotional Intelligence) expert Roz Batson sent me this cartoon: "... made me think of you. It pretty much shows your career!You have always been ahead of the curve...." Another friend chuckled and said: "Omg! That...

CryptoAssets  🚗 💸 🎆 #47

CryptoAssets 🚗 💸 🎆 #47

I'm still on a high from the combination of a dawn surf and moments later seeing the rockets fly and land! I hope you were thrilled too._____Outstanding!OK... who - like me - was out loud counting down with the Falcon Heavy rocket liftoff? ...and was your mouth...

Art of Learning  🍱 🏄 🔥 #46

Art of Learning 🍱 🏄 🔥 #46

Open Up To New Tech. In many facets of life people are fearful of and threatened by the new. This is often obvious in tech. “we humans sure are insecure when it comes to technology"Matt Simon of WIRED If you arrive at a new technology do your best to see it...

Happy 2018 🙏 ⭐ #44

Happy 2018 🙏 ⭐ #44

Happy 2018! Have a marvellous year. What do you have planned? Happy Touring. The images above are of a sweeeet little Pizzeria in Lorne - 2 hours drive from Melbourne. As the year starts, perhaps you'll be out and about in Melbourne or Victoria or planning a trip...

Bitcoin reading 🌞 🌲 🍎 #43

Bitcoin reading 🌞 🌲 🍎 #43

Get Up To Speed With Bitcoin & Crypto's. After watching and reading loads of bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ethereum talks and posts, I've found "The Internet of Money" book written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos the quickest, most engaging listen. It'll take...

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