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Digital Style News Archive

Extending Senses  🏃 🚚 👂#41

Extending Senses 🏃 🚚 👂#41

It was the "latte" in this Tesla semi post that made me grin. ______ Books that you miss upon finishing. I was entranced and entertained listening to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. VR/AR leaders often recommend it to experience one of our possible...

Bitcoins 🌿 🐼 🌐 #40

Bitcoins 🌿 🐼 🌐 #40

Loads of fascinating developments have happened since I last wrote, including two blockchain tech conferences (Ethereal and Devcon) as well as bitcoin prices going through the roof (US$7,343 /AU$9651 when writing this) and masses of mainstream media attention. This...

Elon 👽 ✨ 💐 #39

Elon 👽 ✨ 💐 #39

Ways to feel happy about your future. Elon Musk says his massive visions are all about not wanting to feel sad about the future. He suggests people need things in our future to feel excited about (such as the real possibility of a civilisation on Mars). Such simple...

Disruption 🚀 💫 👌 #38

Disruption 🚀 💫 👌 #38

Airline Industry, you're next. Just over a week ago Elon Musk announced his Mars plans and (mic dropped) massive airline disruption. “The goal of these initial missions is to find the best source of water... That’s the first mission. The second mission is to build the...

Information Density ⌚️📚📊 #37

Information Density ⌚️📚📊 #37

Saving Time. I originally bought an Apple watch to open myself to possibilities I couldn't predict. Sometimes it's best to say "yes" and explore rather than wonder. Regularly I use the watch to quickly view messages and respond (often with a thumbs up or other...

Winning Newsletters 🎁 😎 💃 #36

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers.... To get the latest issue delivered to your inbox sign up for the newsletter here. _____ Hi, Welcome to the 36th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here? _____ Winning Newsletters...

Global Countries 🌏 🚗 🔅#35

Global Countries 🌏 🚗 🔅#35

Welcome to the 35th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here? Hoping this reaches you well and happy. _____ My Last Two Weeks  = Whales, Sydney Harbour, snow, friends, family and fascinating research into blockchain tech and the...

Humanity  😍 ⏫ 🙌 #34

Humanity 😍 ⏫ 🙌 #34

Welcome to the 34th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here? _____ Humanity. The overview effect teaches that astronauts leave as scientists and return to earth philosophers. Having seen the blue planet in space I wonder if you and I...

Beyond Entitlement 😳 😎 🌴 #33

Beyond Entitlement 😳 😎 🌴 #33

Welcome to the 33rd edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here? _____ Being 120 years old. What if you live to 120? With replacement body parts and other heath-tech coming in your lifetime, how does that change the way you see your life...

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