Quick Plan to STANDOUT on Linkedin

I just received a query from a wonderful ex-colleague who isn’t enjoying her current role and is proactively wanting to update her Linkedin, CV and possibly create a personal digital strategy. Here are the tips in my reply as they might help you too ~

“Yes yes yes let’s get you flying on Linkedin 🙂

Start here:

There’s no need for a CV

I’d not bother to create a CV anymore as Linkedin has an option to download your Linkedin as a PDF so then you only have to update in one place. If the downloaded PDF isn’t in the order you prefer then move your Linkedin sections around then download again then move the sections back how they were.

Creating a Personal Digital Strategy

For a broader, personal digital strategy including personal website and social media sites, I’m doing 2 x 45 minute, virtual sessions with homework / reflection in between.

This works well in combining how you see yourself, the opportunities I can see for you and making the maintenance / system easeful. This also covers me editing your Summary and other aspects so you shine + standout + all of the good things 🙂

Does that help?

~ Sam

Quick Checklist to "Standout on Linkedin"

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