I just¬†received a query¬†from a wonderful ex-colleague who isn’t enjoying her current role and is¬†proactively wanting to¬†update her Linkedin, CV and possibly create a personal digital strategy. Here are the tips in my reply as they might¬†help you too¬†~

“Yes yes yes let’s get you flying on Linkedin ūüôā

Start here:

There’s no¬†need for a CV

I’d not bother to create a CV anymore as Linkedin has an option to download your Linkedin as a PDF so then you only have to update in one place. If the downloaded PDF isn’t in the order you prefer then¬†move your Linkedin sections around then download again¬†then move the sections back how they were.

Creating a Personal Digital Strategy

For a broader, personal digital strategy including personal website and social media sites, I’m doing 2 x 45 minute, virtual sessions with homework / reflection in between.

This works well in combining how you see yourself, the opportunities I can see for you and making the maintenance / system easeful. This also covers me editing your Summary and other aspects so you shine + standout + all of the good things ūüôā

Does that help?

~ Sam

Quick Checklist to "Standout on Linkedin"