Runway Digital Social Media updates ~ our plan!

Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.


Our intention remains strong in 2013 ~ for exceptional brands to have great audiences. To connect relevant people to each other. Quickly. To have businesses tell their true and inspiring stories. To have their customers enjoy engaging with them.

Since 2006, I’ve been driven to learn the best ways and to pass on the learning. This year we’ll keep distributing great info and up to date insights on trends that are of interest. We do this to make you / your organisation’s life easier online and to have you quickly find people online who seek what you sell and do.

As always, you have the power to influence what you receive. Be involved, let us know what is working for you, what you’d like to receive and questions you have.

2013 seems like the year to cull – to work with simple systems that have big results; to cull things that don’t work as well. At Runway Digital, that means we will give you less posts of higher quality so you can get on with doing. We’re doing this through more channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, our website, newsletters to our email subscribers and emerging channels such as Instagram. We’re even wondering what sort of mischief to post to have you laughing.

A fortnight ago, we gave insights to creating great content and last week it was tips on specific social media sites that we’ve collated on Pinterest – and we’ll keep updating Pinterest as it’s a great location to collate interesting subjects on a topic.

This week we’re talking about strategic social media: alliances and partnerships and how they can help you grow your audience.

Tune in and learn… but not for long – we want you to do what works and see you fly high! Send us a tweet or Facebook post or note on any other site to keep us updated.

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Hear’s to your lift-off!

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