How do we setup a Digital Researcher in our organisation?

On each Digital Strategy or Social Media Strategy consulting assignment I recommend clients setup a digital researcher to contribute to their teams’ digital wisdom, to protect business risk and to increase awareness of potential opportunities.

A Digital Researcher is deeply aware of the organisation’s business strategy. They’re constantly scanning for new market entrants, industry changes, new business models, and updates from local and international industry leaders and competitors. They are actively engaged in what is occurring in your industry.

They know change can come from other industries so their business awareness is broad and they’re curious. They’re following sites such as Kickstarter to see new inventions and innovations that are coming.

They’re involved in relevant business meetings so they can provide useful insight and also so they can constantly tailor their research.

They feed people in your organisation up to date information through useful face-to-face, virtual conferencing and digital channels (such as internal newsletters). This helps with decision-making, innovation and pro-active risk management.

A Digital Researcher is often part of the Strategy Team. They are someone who is regularly close to senior leaders.

A Digital Researcher is a collaborator, educator, researcher, opportunist and strategist.

How do we setup a Digital Researcher in our organisation?

Recruit someone with a high interest in digital, and a proactive and fascinated mindset. Find a researcher with an understanding of your industry and market (or interest to quickly learn).

If budgets don’t yet allow for a full-time role, seek a part-time Digital Researcher. Don’t leave this role empty.

Ensuring collaboration between staff

As an organisation becomes digitally-savvy, staff naturally dedicate some of their time to digital research in their areas of interest and can contribute. Make sure to involve the Digital Researcher in relevant insights and have staff contribute to the organisation’s awareness and digital strategy. This in turn supports communication, strategy, innovation, risk management, internal systems and more.

Digital research is so important for an organisation’s success.

Runway Digital provides Digital Researcher and Digital Entrepreneur in Residence roles. Ask Sam any questions to help you progress here on Messenger or via email.

Enjoy and we’ll see you in the clouds!


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