Digital Lift off Tips: Social Media Time Management, Content Development and Gaining Customers

Whoa! With a blog post title like that, it’s pretty much offering the answer to everything Social Media! This is a short post to let you know that we’ve refined our Social Media systems for clients.

We run 2 x 3 hour workshops to set up your social media well. We’ve refined this because people and clients we know have fabulous marketing and business knowledge though lack the time to put great social media in place. So… we have designed 3 hour workshops to quickly gain their wisdom.

The first workshop is where we gain insight about products and their business – information that is not time-dependent. We then work out the order to put them out and quickly the organisation has 2-3 months worth of Facebook status updates and tweets for Twitter.

The second workshop is where we analyse your audience. Where will we find your customers? What are they saying on Twitter and where are they on Facebook?

The third workshop is where we bring together the work so far and a consolidated view and workplan. We sense-check dates and how the information will look and whether it will be valuable for the audiences we’ve identified. Plus we go through a few tricks and tips around timing of great content! The output of this session is a working document that can then be used for internal reviews and approvals.

Once approved, we can automate the content or you can have someone internally enter into preferred sites.

The end result is that those in marketing departments of organisations, can focus on responding to customers online and to spontaneous tweets or updates on Facebook that enhance what’s already going out. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? (This is so that Social Media leads to results you seek and so that internally, you can showcase the sales conversations from Online content and show the value of your team’s efforts).

It’s all about setting up great systems for your organisation, optimising your time, reaching relevant customers, and have you do what you’re best at!

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