Standout on Linkedin: checklist for consultants and thought leaders

Standout on Linkedin: checklist for consultants and thought leaders

With 100 points in hand, celebrate and score your progress towards standing out on Linkedin and highlight areas of improvement.


Target audience

You’re clear on who you wish to reach through Linkedin

Photo *tips here

Warm, welcoming, engaging, close-up, clear, professional?

Background / Header photo that represents what you do


Clear & professional first and last name?

Headline *tips here and here

Attractive, engaging, professional & searchable?

Custom URL *’how to’ is here/5
Contact Information

Clear & professional way to contact via email and/or phone

Links to extra information such as websites, Blog, Portfolio, & Twitter

All contact info engages people to get in contact


First sentence is highly attractive

Engaging, succinct, jam-packed with great experience relevant to your future desired work & includes words your target reader will use in their search for someone with your experience

Website links, presentations, videos and other content adding colour and further info below Summary words


Last 2 – 3 roles at least

Organisations’ logos appear beside each role (for the org’s that are on Linkedin)

Each role title includes many words (in the terminology your target audience uses) so you are highly searchable

Website links, presentations, videos and other content below words to add colour and further info


At least 3 recommendations from clients, colleagues,  high profile leaders and/or influential, industry people

Skills *tips here and here/5
Other sections

Honors & Awards showcase your accolades and include your internal awards

Following at least 3 credible and impressive  influencers, 3 news and 3 companies

Other sections included that inspire you, such as Education, Volunteering Roles, Certification, Projects

Publications – add your impressive online content

Additional Organisations – if relevant, add that you’re a Member or Fellow of an organisation)


Checked spelling and grammar

Delete anything that’s duplicated

Consistent formatting

Most email notifications are off, important ones are on

Time allocated to check Linkedin and do maintenance each week

Growing your Audience

Some or all of profile is public

Gain feedback on your profile from people who represent those you wish to attract and colleagues

Link to your Linkedin profile is included in your email signature

Liking and commenting on relevant information in newsfeed where your target audience is engaging

Clear rules for accepting a Linkedin invitation

Connected with previous colleagues, industry peers and others by connecting your address book / email list

Joined 3 relevant groups to start, finding relevant ones where your target audience hangs out

Acknowledge others through Recommendations

You have included terminology your target audience uses throughout your profile and your tagline, summary, role titles and descriptions all include the words your target audience will use in their searches


Well done. You can now see what you’ve achieved and the opportunities. Enjoy your updating! These resources will help:

”The Standout Professional’s Linkedin” – gain from the book

Linkedin profile review

Online presence coaching – Linkedin and beyond…

Do the 7-day online presence course

Every time I review a Linkedin profile there are great updates to be made to standout and attract more people. 

We’ve developed a simple checklist for you to self-assess your profile.

If you’d prefer we work on your Linkedin for you and save you time, check in to our Online Coaching or have us do a Linkedin review for you.

As always, we’re keen to hear how you’re going.

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