Thankyou! 🙏 ⭐ #18

Thankyou! Happy 2017 ???? ⭐




Welcome to the 18th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?




Happy 2017!


Are you enjoying the start of 2017?


I’ve a great feeling about this year. I hope you do too.


Here at Payne’s Hut we had big Summer rains that cleared to radiant blue skies, an exceptionally starry sky on New Year’s Eve and right now there’s a breeze just strong enough to rustle the leaves on the trees, adding to the serenity.


So many kookaburra choruses and much birdsong.


It’s a great way to enjoy the start of 2017.



Payne’s Hut a couple of days ago. You’ll see a few more updates from here on Instagram.




As the year starts, thankyou for being a reader of this newsletter. May your online presence be impressing your target audience and your awareness of current business trends be helping your work.


Your replies fascinate me and each time a person subscribes I get excited that someone has received (& I potentially gained from) the LinkedIn checklist and 10 page preview of the LinkedIn workbook I wrote.


Last year I wrote fortnightly letters for more than half the year and blogged a lot (mainly about LinkedIn and online presence). I learnt from you and attracted more people to samantha and The simple tips seem to be working for people. I’m delighted.


What I loved the most are the conversations that happened via email. Like I mentioned before, I ALWAYS read your email replies and I try my best to reply – even if I take time to do so!


Will I continue in 2017?


Yes! I’m excited to continue sharing what I learn and I believe so much in the greater gains from having the discipline to do so.


I’ll continue to increase the quality and experiment with the format of this email this year. I’m always open to your feedback and I think the format right now with a topic or two, favourite links and a shot of inspiration is working well. I appreciate your feedback and I’ll keep encouraging you to do so.


The topics I write about change a lot as I enjoy a wide range of topics – especially those that are impacting our life and work. One day I write about self driving cars, and another day about something very specific to business or LinkedIn or online presence.


This letter is a side project, and currently costs me about $120 a year to run and if I help a person or two in a positive way with every letter, it’s completely worth it.




One thing I’d greatly appreciate is that if you’ve found you’re not interested in reading, you might want to un-subscribe right now. It benefits both of us. (unsubscribe link in the footer of this email)


Here are my latest favourite listens (in amongst the kookaburra laughter):



What are you listening to, learning about or reading?


Thank you again for reading, and I’ll write to you again in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your holidays and kicking off 2017.


Fly high in life and online this year (apologies to those afraid of heights),


~ Sam



P.S. Want to contribute to this email? Submit your questions or topic recommendations right here. I promise I read them & they will inspire new articles which I hope to answer your questions with.


P.P.S. Start off the year with a strong online profile and attract new opportunities. Here is my LinkedIn book, our online flight training and the next available online coaching slot is the 2nd February.

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