Cull 🔥 💆 💭 #45

January: time to clean out.

Declare email bankruptcy?


I received many thankyou emails this time last year from people who…

1. entered their (Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail,, Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live, or iCloud) email into *

2. quickly scanned the list of their emailed newsletters and hit ‘unsubscribe’ next to those they no longer needed is a fast, easy service and January is purge time, especially the newsletters you plan to read though never get to. It’s time to unsubscribe.

Be ruthless and keep in mind that if you miss any newsletters in the future you’ll be motivated to re-subscribe and read they arrive.

* Note added in 2018 – please look into the use of your data by unroll. Make sure you’re comfortable with their described use of your data.

Great tunes.

Since Rdio closed a couple of years ago I’ve tried free and premium music services (including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and others) and found them time consuming – the design and functionality didn’t come easily to me and I spent too much time pressing thumbs up or down, skipping tracks or searching for music I’d liked in the past so I could start a radio station around it.

What I appreciated about Rdio and now Soundcloud is that if I listen to a style of music or start a radio from a track I like, Soundcloud keeps playing great music. Rarely I skip a track and when I do the quality increases. Plus, to try out new styles and tracks, there’s “More of what you like”, “Artists you should know” and “The Upload – Newly posted tracks. Just for you”.

Thanks to Fred Wilson’s post for the inspiration to try Soundcloud again after 6 years.

Favourite reads & listens

  • This one‘s a ripper: three stories that dominated the macro tech environment in 2017 from the Carlota Perez technology surge cycle chart to “The Beginning Of The End Of White Male Dominance” followed by Fred’s 2018 predictions. What are you predicting for 2018?
  • Fascinating: Jack Jones teaches about installing sanitation systems in a refugee camp in northern Kenya.
  • Excellent reading: 2018 blockchain predictions.

Great online presence

    • Here’s a great call for feedback. Could you do something similar at your organisation?

What are you reading or listening to?

Have a great week!

~ Sam

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