Where is your website (and where is it going)?

By Runway Digital Capt’n, Sam Bell

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We’ve been working with a BCorp*, webhosting company called Serversaurus. We became their customer 5 years ago, attracted by their values, quality, results-orientated culture and customer care (which is highly responsive and awesome).

If you have a website or are thinking of getting one, here are the practical, website hosting insights I’ve recently learnt that may help:

1. Hosting can be cheap. When there’s an issue, quality support counts.

Don’t go cheap on something that could have issues that need immediate attention. If you can’t reach the call centre urgently or can’t understand the operator, your stress levels may rise. A caring person on the other end of the call or chat matters.

Remember this can be: your website goes down, your site is no longer secure and you can’t work out how to fix it, you crash your site, an unknown reason crashes your site, you need a quick backup restored….

Get great support in advance for these moments. Look after yourself and your team.

Btw, since 2006 we’ve used cheap and expensive hosting providers, including Bluehost, Hostgator, Melbourne IT, and Go Daddy.

2. Many people change their website hosting when there’s an issue or their host lets them down. Such a shame!

These days no-one needs their site to be offline… ever. Please don’t wait for issues with your website or data. Migrate to a fantastic supplier.

Having been a customer for 5 years, we’re in awe of Serversaurus quick response, their ability to go beyond the extra mile for customers and their 100% uptime. Incredible hey?

3. Btw, website / data migrations can… suck.

‘scuse the slang. Serversaurus’ Migration Directors are Mackenzie, Nick, or Marty. They kindly watch the transfers, directs and updates you on progress. Phew. So good. (We experienced it when we moved from Bluehost.)

4. When migrating make sure your website backlinks and relevant, highly-valuable data is retained.

Don’t lose your SEO data. I’ve heard of websites that brought in extremely high value sales who migrated, lost their links and their sales leads stopped – 100’s of ’000s of $’s of sales.

If you’re migrating and creating a new website, chat w the Serversaurus crew and/or make sure your developer knows what files to backup and move across.

Hold on to your old hosting account until you’re happy that your site(s), your email addresses and other data is working as you’d expect.

5. People don’t realise that hosting with Amazon/AWS or other international providers can mean their data isn’t in Australia.

I like the idea of of knowing where our data is. We hadn’t realised that storing data with international organisations meant my data could be anywhere in the world. Serversaurus is based in Australia with data stored in Melbourne and Brisbane, plus they support big and little sites. Oh yeah!

May your online experiences delight,


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Serversaurus – their sweet spot is digital & creative agencies, festivals, superannuation, social impact and education providers and they’re growing into other arenas. Oh yeah.