What makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo?

As you transition your Linkedin profile to stand out, you’ll contemplate what makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo.

Having an old photo or a photo that’s “just OK” probably won’t do you any favours towards having an online personality that reflects you.

Plus, such a photo will create more discomfort knowing you should update it sometime… and more discomfort when you direct someone to your Linkedin profile …especially in those moments when you don’t have time to fix it… Ughhh!!


Get to it!

Whether you’re representing a company or yourself, you want potential clients, customers, employers and your targeted Linkedin readers to associate you online with a feeling of trust, long-term success and satisfaction.

Stand proud and represent your organisation and yourself (your personal brand) well online! Impress your colleagues, boss, friends and targeted Linkedin readers.

Having a personality online that reflects you saves time in the long run.

Having a great photo is well worth your time!

And remember, people like connecting with other people.

If people like your photo or feel engaged with your Linkedin profile, they’ll read on, contact you, click through to read your online content and more…

Here is practical advice and tips with recent professional examples for you:

What makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo?

What makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo


Having a sophisticated, professional photo that’s warm and engaging pops out when your targeted reader views your profile – especially if they are used to other profiles or reviewing others. Standout!


Bring your online presence to life by incorporating who you are in real life. Add to Linkedin a photo of you smiling, looking as you do when you’re keen to welcome someone. It makes you instantly more trustworthy!


Closeup, warm and smiling looks great both on your profile and also in a search surrounded by other photos.


If your photo is recent, there is less distraction when you meet someone face to face after they’ve seen your Linkedin profile.


Casual may standout for your targeted Linkedin reader. Showcasing you at work does too. Choose a look that works in your industry, your employer, you and your targeted reader.


Go on! You can choose to create a smile with your photo as Josh has here. Engaging your audience is fun.

7. CHECK you standout

Do a search for your first name on Linkedin and check your photo stands out amongst others. Simple!


Call a friend or a professional photographer. Update your photo THIS WEEK!


This is a PDF file of the graphic above (PDF can be easier to read). ????


If you’re uncomfortable about your presence on Linkedin, download this book and take 30 minutes to fix the important sections!

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Thanks to Anna, Yvonne, Grant, Jenna, Charlie, Josh for having such wonderful photos!

Anna Draffin – https://au.linkedin.com/in/annadraffin
Yvonne Feehan – https://au.linkedin.com/in/yvonnefeehanhays
Grant Johnston – https://au.linkedin.com/in/grant-johnston-17bb13
Jenna Lewis – https://au.linkedin.com/in/lewisjenna
Charlie Simson – https://au.linkedin.com/in/charliesimson
Josh Capelin – https://au.linkedin.com/in/joshcapelin

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