What’s the simplest Social Media Policy I can setup

We’ve seen simple Social Media Policies that work and are easy to implement.

What’s the simplest Social Media Policy I can setup?

Use these as a guide:

Zappos‘ (simple and to the point) policy:

“Be real and use your best judgment.”

Ford’s policy (more detail here):

1. Be honest about who you are.

2. Make it clear that the views expressed are yours.

3. You speak for yourself, but your actions represent those of Ford Motor Company.

4. Use your common sense.

5. Play nice.

6. The Internet is a public space.

7. The Internet remembers (i.e., “Whatever happens in Vegas…stays on Google.”).

8. An official response may be needed.

9. Respect the privacy of offline conversations.

10. Same rules and laws apply: new medium, no surprise.

11. When in doubt, ask.

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What's the simplest Social Media Policy I can setup

And other Social Media policy examples are here from Hubspot and there’s a whole database of examples here*.



Photo: Hiut Denim’s great Instagram – they do business (and social media) well.  

* Database link thanks to Gavin Heaton.

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