How To Include Digital Leadership in your Culture Change, Organisation Development and Business Transformation Programs

If you’re concerned that people in your organisation lack the tech and productivity skills required amongst emerging new business (and life) innovations such as Virtual Reality, location-independent work, biotech advancements and fast launches of new products and you’re concerned your organisation and staff could be falling behind… if you want your company to be a market leader and believe people in your organisation could innovate quickly if they had the right mindset and understanding of tech, you’re spot on!

Digitally-talented and aware professionals are all around you. They’re the ones who are delighting the media with Snapchat launches, creating partnerships with the creators of successful Kickstarter products, quickly changing business models to side-step risks from new innovations, and they’re definitely the people who look oh-so-impressive on Linkedin. And they’re hanging out in organisations comprised of like-minded, curious and up-to-date leaders who have digital nous!

Why You Should include Digital in your Transformation Program

What happens naturally in an organisation with digitally-savvy leaders

* Reduced costs from incorporating new communication methods such as messaging apps, Slack or Yammer.

* Innovation awards come via people initially spotting a new way of doing things through their relevant Linkedin connections.

* People and processes are agile and personal productivity is always improving owing to integration of new technologies and people sharing what’s working.

* Revenue risks quickly mitigated after spotting a trend on Twitter, analysing and involving relevant people

* A great feeling of dynamism in part from other organisations regularly being in touch to offer potential partnerships… (partly because every person’s Linkedin and online profile is impressive!)

* Quickly incorporating relevant new technology leads to revenues gains from tweaked or new products & services.

Why You Should include Digital in your Transformation Program

Teach digital for business growth

Each person in your organisation is different and they’ll tend to different information, different tech (one may like Twitter, another Linkedin, another Reddit) and different sources (industry news, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, political leaders, innovators,…).

This is wonderful. It means that you’re organisation has more people naturally tending to research their areas of interest and analysing with respect to their work – which is what you’ve hired them for!

Why You Should include Digital in your Transformation Program

OK, you got me at ‘digitally-savvy’. How long does it take?

The great surprise is that it doesn’t take long to be on the ‘front foot’ with digital and relevant emerging trends.

Most senior leaders I coach start to have a digitally-savvy mindset within two coaching sessions. They’re already clever at their business, it’s about meeting them where they’re at and adding digital into their daily work.

We deliberately design programs so people get quick understanding of digital so they can get on with integrating it. Recently we coached and trained 66 people. It took 3 days.

Make it happen!

When designing corporate transformation, business change, organisation development, leadership development or culture change you have the opening to include digital training, coaching and leadership development. Plus, incorporating messaging and collaborative communication methods is essential.

We design programs to involve top talent and senior leaders. We look to involve early the people with a natural tendency and use of technology, as well as those with an awareness and fascination with future trends. It’s about being able to very quickly uplift the majority of the organisation, learn from each other and get on with the work at hand with new mindsets.

We’re here to help. Get in touch.

Why You Should include Digital in your Transformation Program


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