Your Digital Profile 😍 #23

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The subject this time round is YOU. (How fun!)


It’s about YOU.

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Fun 🙂

Deep Work.

Amazingly a month after finishing Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” book the learnings, reminders and productivity tips have continued to (usefully) pop into my mind.

Turns out this book and Kevin Kelly’s are my favourites in the past year.

Did you enjoy them too?

Industries of the Future ~ Alec Ross

Another recent read was Alec Ross’s “Industries of the Future” which went deeper than his TED talk. The main outtake: get your unique life/career/work purpose very clear and start profiling and marketing yourself online.

Get to it!

Here’s a favourite quote:

In case of overwhelm (“more books to read!”)

Any of the books I recommend have quotes on the Good Reads website. If you’re wondering about reading something, type into Google:

“good reads quotes [name of book / author]”

…and then click through to the Good Reads quotes page where you’ll gain a quick overview of the book. These days this helps me decide whether to read a book.


Favourite reads & listens:

Great online presence:

I’ve heard Spring is in the air in London, the snowfalls have slowed in Japan, and we’re continuing an excellent Summer here in Melbourne. Wherever you are, have fun!

~ Sam

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