2017 LinkedIn Book

Quick update from the Runway Digital Maintenance sheds. “Hi!”

We’ve updated our 2016 The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn workbook so it’s great for 2017 and dropped the price too so more people can gain.

Check in here to receive your guide and fast-track to an incredible LinkedIn profile.

2016 Linkedin Book

Our brand new shiny 2016 Linkedin Book is now available! After ten years of experimenting, The Standout Professional’s Linkedin is a fast-track guide full of insight to looking incredible on Linkedin.

Hot off the Press: Our new 2016 Linkedin Book

If you love achieving loads, let’s see this reflected on your Linkedin profile and get you noticed automatically.

There’s no time to waste!

Be sure that you look amazing online, no longer have any concerns about how to project yourself online, and are getting on with enjoying your great work.

Just in case you’d enjoy more encouragement, know that it’s about time to get known online…

2016 Linkedin book

Linkedin has been around for ages and, as you’re a clever professional/consultant/expert, the internet means you’re now working and competing locally and globally.

The most successful companies in the world hear, quickly find, and work with great people anywhere who have an internet connection at a globally competitive price.

Sometimes this can be decided through first impressions online.

Potential clients, customers, colleagues, partners, employers can search for, find and work with the very best.

Imagine: while you’re working, knowing that online you’re standing out – clearly and credibly.

Let’s make sure you are seen as the very best in your area, with impressive endorsements from others too so that relevant opportunities come to you, any time of the day or night.

The other area we love to encourage people is setting things up so you can easily connect with the best people in your area.

Since work is less and less about the hours you work, where you work or how and more about outcomes and speed, as a high performer, you’ll save time through quickly meeting like-minded people, who can become partners, team members and clients, as well as expand your knowledge, provide new perspectives on topics you’re working on and interested in.

And as an employee, when you own your space online, you increase your employability (yep, that’s word!). It’s kind of like an insurance policy!

Essentially, looking great online saves time, increases work enjoyment and increases the quality of the services you provide.

Sound great?! We hope so as we’d love to see you fly high online so we’ve designed and written a quick guide.

All 13 chapters of the 2016 Linkedin guide are available here. You’ll have lots of laughs and perhaps even be surprised and delighted with how impressive you look!

How do I look Online? Learn more about Online Reputation Management here.

Recently, this great article about online reputation management appeared on the Runway Digital radar. It’s includes a plethora of tools for you to manage your online profile – from SEO through to tweets and blogs.

Remember Runway Digital provides an Online Assessment service. We’re ready to review what you have created online so we can save you time, and show you what you look like to those who search for you online.

Let’s make sure you’re making the most of opportunities and refining how good you look online.

~ The Clever Crew and Pilots at Runway Digital

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Fly High Online with Runway Digital Experts

Fly High Online with Runway Digital Experts

Wonder no more about how people perceive your online sites (you personally or your company), and learn the opportunities you have online! Check in to Runway Digital’s ‘online marketing assessment service’ and receive your 10 page report showing how you look online, what you’re doing well and your opportunities. Needing a Social Media audit? You’re in the right place!

Click here to learn more>>>

Get the most out of what you do online. Make sure it’s a success!

Here’s to your digital lift-off!

~ The Clever Pilots and Crew of Runway Digital

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn. Here’s to your lift-off!

Click through to our Pinterest board to see great examples of people and companies who have digitally lifted-off.

Learning Social Media and gaining business benefits: Digital Treasure Hunts

Learning Social Media and gaining business benefits: Digital Treasure Hunts

The Runway Digital crew has been hectic of late! We’ve refined and refined the Digital Treasure Hunts services and products ready for lift-off. Druuum roll please…

The Digital Treasure Hunts’ services include:

* Hunts for large events (3 hours, 100+ people),

* One-day Hunts for groups of 15-60, and

* Company Hunts – many one-day Digital Treasure Hunts for relevant teams and departments, over your desired time-period, combined with ongoing competitions to embed learning.

* Optional extras include filming of the event, additional Social Media experts to further enhance learning, and advanced techniques for public events and more advanced users.

Company Hunts include an Social Media audit providing insight to your organisation’s level of Social Media understanding, your company’s online risks and opportunities – including how to improve Twitter, Facebook and other sites; your company’s online influence network (which is often yet to be tapped). We also tailor content to include your Social Media policy, work with you to decide an appropriate order on the training timetable (with respect to key priorities and urgent groups) and design a cross-company competition that has everyone engaged.

Pricing starts at $12,000 for a one day Hunt for 15 people.

Our vision is to bring Social Media to businesses in a way that delivers bottom-line results and has people learn new communication methods in a fun and productive way.

What’s exciting is that we’ve incorporated the workshops we’ve run successfully many times (Online Content Development and Growing your Online Audience), with a focus on business benefits, interactivity, and fun learning. Come on, come Hunting with us!

Our sessions – Online! Online Content Planning & Twitter Audience Building

We’ve been busily recrafting two of our unique sessions to an online format. We will be running two sessions 8 – 9 PM Melbourne time (EDT), Tuesdays 29 November, 2011 and 6 December, 2011.

Come along!

The sessions will cover:

1. Online Content Planning (creating months of non-time-dependent tweets and Facebook updates that are highly valued by your customers), and

2. Twitter Audience Building (finding and connecting with relevant customers and advocates – and doing so in a way where you can reach many people quickly).

These sessions will show how to use the Internet for the results you seek (such as: online sales, reaching your customers, etc) and how to have a Social Media system that gives you the most from the time you have available.

You can order your tickets here:

Samantha Bell will be running these sessions. Sam is the Managing Director of Runway Digital and has run this Social Media consultancy since 2006. She has refined the systems presented through thousands of hours of use and working with hundreds of clients. Information on Sam and Runway Digital is here.

Both workshops will include time for you to ask questions so that you gain a lot that is relevant to your business. Specifics on each session is below.

For those who have trained with Runway Digital in the past 6 months, these sessions cover ideas you have heard and remind you of specifics to reiterate what you have heard. Others who have trained with us a lot longer ago, we will update you on our favourite online tools and clever practices to improve Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

Join the discussion to enhance your online system! The price of these sessions may be recouped through your next sale via Twitter and your highly valued online content.

Workshop specifics: 

1st session: Online Content Planning: 8 – 9 PM EDT, Tuesday 29 November, 2011

This session covers how to publish consistent and regular information online so that your audience is engaged. We will have fun with PostIt notes and show you how to develop months of non-time-dependent Facebook and Twitter updates. We will cover how to improve Twitter and other sites, content planning, scheduling, time management and automation tools used to publish updates. Also covered: other ways of gaining content and relevant sites – as well as an open discussion about what works for others.

2nd session: Twitter audience building: 8 – 9 PM EDT, Tuesday 6 December, 2011

To complement the valuable content you are publishing online, in this session we will show how to strategically analyse your audience and rapidly grow it on Twitter. (Increasing numbers by 500 a month is very possible.) Examples of tools to automate to quickly grow the number of people who know about you that are relevant to your business. Also covered: recommendations of great services for Facebook audience building.

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn. Here’s to your lift-off!

Click through to our Pinterest board to see great examples of people and companies who have digitally lifted-off.