Optimising Sales ūüėć  ūüėé  ūüí™ #58

Optimising Sales ūüėć ūüėé ūüí™ #58

Trust, growth and optimising sales

In Dan Pink’s “To Sell is Human” book he mentioned we’re now all in sales.

In the past few weeks I’ve been optimising a system to connect clients with large volumes of relevant potential customers. It could be called sales.

In refining this system, I’ve realised that now there is a massive opportunity to quickly find people online who connect with you as an individual – to find the people who will be inspired to quickly become customers, be ultra-helpful in sharing your business via word of mouth, as well as helping find answers.

The thing is, now you can connect with anyone. You don’t want to be connected to everyone. Business is fast and there are loads of messages, notifications and as the volume increases, people increasingly look for people they trust.

Being connected to highly relevant people who ‘get’ your way of thinking, your values/philosophies, your work and style… people who¬†trust you… means you can quickly gain answers, do business together, ask for connections to potential customers and more.

LinkedIn and other social media services provide quick messaging. If you’re connected with¬†highly relevant and engaged¬†people you have less noise in your network and you can quickly message and create progress.

And that’s the key!

I’ve been saying for years: grow your¬†relevant¬†online audience, find your “niche-niche” people – the very select group of people in the world who know and respect you.¬†Don’t bulk up your LinkedIn connections for the sake of likes and numbers, grow your relevant audience so you connect and engage with people who’ll take action.

Start now – type in a topic of interest in¬†LinkedIn search and refine the search to your city. Click on ten profiles, read their summaries and if you’re inspired by what you read and see,¬†hit connect. (Leave the others.) When connecting, include a message that explains why you’re interested in their perspective and what you’d like to learn from them. Be real and honest!

Repeat the process. Aim for 10-50 messages a week. Go! Discover your international peers and future colleagues.

Time is of the essence and fast progress is within your reach.

You don’t yet know the gains you’ll have in the future…

Tim B – thx again for the excellent session & sharing this post.
Cam – yesterday’s chat inspired this!

This is Giles’ post that explains the automation tool¬†for LinkedIn connections and messages, combined with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and a few other tools. We’ve refined this slightly and tailor it for relevant audiences.

If you want to connect with more highly relevant people / customers, book in a session with me.


Enjoy these online treats ~

Fabulous, brand-relevant heading on Bitly’s recent questionnaire:

Succinct and engaging words¬†(great example whether or not you’re wanting to raise cash for your business):

Fun quote (via the Facebook newsfeed eradicator!):

Another on business culture: “The Heartbeat” by Fred Wilson – I love the opening line¬†“The best companies I work with have a heartbeat, they operate on a pace and a cadence and a rhythm that is…”

I’ve been working with website hosting company, Serversaurus.¬†Here are a few of the tips¬†I’ve picked up about website hosting.

Just in case you’re listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast I’ve recommended and prefer not to listen to the first few minutes, skip the first four minutes and you’re straight into the introduction and interview. May that be useful!

Wishing you well,

Blockchain tech ūüĎĆ ūüôĆ #52

Blockchain tech ūüĎĆ ūüôĆ #52

ūüéČūüéȬ†2 years¬†ūüéČūüéČ

This email is my 52nd.¬†Thankyou for joining in, it’s fun receiving your replies!

Here’s what I’ve recently loved seeing online:

Oh, Carter Digital httpsters, you showcase such a clever combination of digital (“http”), sustainability ease (carbon neutral) and inviting words (“fine folk” on their email list)¬† ~

Surely Elon is proud ~

The world’s biggest About page?

Culture Amp’s “Need” filter on their Case Studies page reminds potential customers of their products and areas of specialisation. #clever

Startup inspiration ~

#truth ~

I love it when people keep it real ~

…and when well known people reply / acknowledge comments online ~

“Shiny” and “New” is pretty fun. Well done Hipchat ūüôā

…watch to the end! Thanks Pete

Thanks to my surfing pal Nic for this photo taken from the surfcoast.

Fascinating thinking

I’m really enjoying seeing¬†blockchain¬†tech¬†broaden¬†people’s thinking about providing services and products in the most effective way possible.¬†This threadtalks through the example of a John Deere tractor.

“[The tractors’] value, including their resale value, is highly dependent on the continued efforts of the manufacturer to keep that software up to date…
they are near¬†worthless unless issuer keeps promises they made about future effort.”

What are you enjoying online?


Wearables & IoT ūüŹÉ ūüŹ° ūüĒć ūüé° ūüĎā #13

Wearables, IoT, Nanotechnology, OOH & Alexa




Welcome to the 13th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?


The subject this time round is Wearables, the Internet of Things, Nanotechnology & OOH.



Thank you!¬†I received lots of comments, replies and thank yous after the last newsletter. It’s¬†great to hear the LinkedIn tips worked well. ¬†Check in here if you missed them.


If you liked that¬†there are few more¬†here¬†(“How I’ve improved the number of people who viewed my¬†LinkedIn profile by 700%” –¬†updated this week).



Also check out this digital leadership tool to see topics you could learn.


Keep on learning more about digital, agility, data security, and more.


Go go go!





Imagine swiping the air around your sleeve to dismiss a phonecall while you’re riding your bike. Check out this Levis clip¬†with¬†Project Jacquard technology (Google).¬†Includes¬†nanotechnology¬†history, 3D-printed clothes and shoes, as well as stripes that are solar panels. Incredible!


The Internet of Things and Alexa


I’d explain it, though this¬†article by Tim O’Reilly is so worth reading. Take 5 mins to learn about¬†the Internet of Things (IoT), how homes are transforming and what new home tech (Alexa) can do.


Next up: OOH


“Ultimately, new forms of OOH [out-of-home advertising]¬†will help foster a more responsive city that allows for dynamic campaigns, meaningful messaging and the best user experiences across the board.”



Trends Bingo


Q: What year do you think you’ll be designing your own affordable clothing (complete with sensors)?



How are you going online?


What has your experience been like with improving your online profile (LinkedIn, personal or company website, other social media sites) and growing your audience or influence online? Have you run into any hurdles? If so, what do you think could be the reason it hasn’t worked for you yet?¬†Reply to let me know, I’m keen to help.


If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.


Read more! The links are below.


Fly high online,


~ Sam


PS. Have a great week!


PPS. Wisdom, inspiration and ideas ~


  • Newly funded, hot off the press wearables are here. Also includes the new¬†Virtual Reality (VR) favourite “Gravity Sketch”.
  • Smart clothing. Excellent.
  • Never seen the breadth of wearables? Take 5 mins to scan this fascinating list of “50 wearable tech gamechangers for 2016” or¬†1 min to scan these¬†impressive images here on Pinterest¬†(collected a few years ago for a¬†new venture).

3D Personal Websites ūüĎÄūüôčūüíę #12

3D Personal Websites, Growing Your LinkedIn Network, & Positive Futures


Welcome to the 12th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

I know a lot of you like the collection of my favourite recent links at the end of these emails. I¬†hope you enjoy what I’ve collected for you this time around as they’ve amazed and delighted me. I hope they give¬†you food for thought.


First up, let’s chat about the future of professional online profiles and¬†3D¬†websites.

It makes sense that in the future websites will be more interactive.

Let’s imagine – – –¬†>>>> Zoom forward in time, press on my LinkedIn and imagine I appear in front of you.¬†You immediately see my height and¬†how I carry myself. You¬†ask questions about my experience, I give you insight… and all the while you feel like I’m there,¬†with you (and I’m¬†a rendered,¬†3Dhologram).

A version of this is where we’re heading.¬†Check out this video to see¬†new technology,¬†bringing this to life¬†– it’s excellent.

Be ready for this next frontier of business (and life) by getting your uniqueness online.

What is unique about you at work?
Why would someone choose to work with you over another?
What style do you wish to display online?

Improve your profile using FREE tips >

Upgrade your online profile (coaching offers) >

Next up, let’s grow your LinkedIn network.

If you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile and¬†uploaded your¬†contacts / address book, don’t stop there. As a professional, you’re¬†missing¬†the opportunities that come from¬†connecting with a wider network of peers and relevant business contacts. Now that I’ve grown my LinkedIn network to 2,700 people¬†(here’s how), I’ve many more business leads, more offers, and my LinkedInnewsfeed/homepage has richer, world-class information each time I log in.¬†I also have a larger pool of relevant people to call on to work with,¬†for information, and who can see (and comment on) posts I publish.

How to grow your LinkedIn network

1. Once you’re happy your profile looks great, search LinkedIn for each of these:

  • the same title as you, similar or more senior role titles¬†(industry peers, leaders, and experts)
  • words relevant to your industry (for example, I searched for¬†“Digital Transformation”)
  • relevant subject areas to your work
  • titles used by potential clients and customers
  • current and past¬†colleagues

2. Scroll through the list and find¬†people with interesting titles and photos that give you a good feeling (think: are you fascinated/interested to learn more from them?). Send them an invitation to connect.¬†If the option comes up for a message, (positively) explain your interest.¬†Here’s an example message I sent this week:

“Hey David,¬†Great to spot your profile on LinkedIn – looking forward to learning fromyour Virtual Reality¬†posts¬†and do get in touch if there’s interesting work to partner on. ¬†Have a great afternoon! Sam”

Note: If you’re concerned to connect in case you¬†receive too many messages, remember¬†you can easily remove the connection.

Optional: When the search results appear, you can filter results by a specific location or company.


Keen to be known for your expertise?

3. Search for and connect with local media (Huffington Post, Guardian etc) so they know of you and perhaps you can send them press releases / leads.


Interested to learn more about your industry?

4. Search for and connect with local recruiters so you can see your¬†industry growth through¬†who‚Äôs hiring. It’s¬†fascinating and adds dynamism to the LinkedInnewsfeed.

May these tips help you progress ???? ¬†Let me know how you go & if you’ve tips to pass on to others¬†????

Use the links below to keep up to date with new business & tech developments.

I wish you all a wonderful week. If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Have a ripper day/evening,

~ Sam

PS.¬†You’re incredible!¬†???? ???? ????

PPS. Wisdom, inspiration and ideas ~