Future-Ready Leaders

As individuals, honing digital and future leadership skills is increasingly important as we’re in a continual learning stage of human evolution.

Developing future leadership skills has always been essential.  Nowadays it’s an urgent priority.

Knowing businesses have been disrupted it’s concerning that many leaders aren’t across the scope of digital or the potential of AI or understanding ethical considerations. It adds business risk and very possibly, many missed opportunities… when it’s really simple and often quick to fix via effective education or coaching.

Digital Leadership (DQ)

Training and retraining people in digital leadership encourages life-long learning, adaptability and affords your organisation moments to consider important ethical aspects of products, services and the organisation’s wider impact. Plus, as digital leadership increases, innovation and opportunities increase and risks are identified and mitigated.

Your Digital Leadership Framework

This Digital Leadership framework was developed from our experience in coaching 1,000+ leaders in digital since 2006. It covers aspects important to leaders and blindspots to address.

Digital Leadership Model Runway Digital


This Digital Leadership model is a checklist for leaders to see their progress and to appreciate the many aspects learnt and developed over time. Below you’ll see more detail on each piece of the chart.

Leaders self-assess their understanding of specific segments relevant to their job then fill gaps and continue to deepen their experience, skills and understanding. Organisation- and team-wide assessments show learning progress over time.

I designed this framework to have people feel empowered with digital tools and agile mindsets. It’s quick to explain, to use as a reference, and to inspire curiosity and further learning. 
It covers wellbeing, tools & social media sites, authentic and standout personal profiles, privacy, online publishing & promotion, tweaking/refining personal information systems for greater productivity, as well as important topics such as crowdsourcing, customer-awareness and online collaboration.
The idea is that individuals can see the segments that require attention/learning, feel a sense of achievement with each area they have covered, and be inspired to keep progressing their learning.
Samantha Bell

Founder, Runway Digital

Quantifying the Benefits of Developing Digital Leadership.


The potential gains from digital leadership training and coaching are widespread and include:

  • Faster working relationships with new team members, suppliers and stakeholders, increased rapport, and outcomes.
  • Greater workplace agility.
  • Innovative ideas through learning new techniques and online business examples.
  • Reduced business risk through greater industry awareness via tailoring online inputs.
  • Spotting business opportunities quicker.
  • ‘000s of quality business leads (this is what we have achieved on LinkedIn) and sales conversion from relevant/qualified leads. In areas other than sales, connecting with a similar percentage of relevant industry- or job-related peers and influencers is possible.
  • 24x7 individuals’ promotion and thought-leadership sharing that attracts interested and relevant business stakeholders such as press, potential partners, clients and influencers, and unexpected opportunities.
  • Greater volume of people can suggest new digital tools/software.

Runway Digital’s Leadership Programs


Runway Digital is here to ensure you, your team, and organisation are well trained, up-to-date, and savvy with current market trends, tools, increasing you personal productivity and constantly learning.

We design programs to involve top talent and senior leaders. We look to involve early the people with a natural tendency and use of technology, as well as those with an awareness and fascination with future trends.

It’s about being able to very quickly uplift the majority of the organisation, learn from each other and get on with the work at hand with new mindsets.

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