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Learn digital fast from the Digital Style System that simplifies essential digital topics.

Use the System that incorporates the latest global thinking.

Create digital style and feel empowered with tech, apps, and clever tools.

20-30 minute read.




Learn where to focus

Understanding digital, being highly productive online and being up with the latest trends is possible.

Learn the Digital Style System

Sam created the Digital Style System from 25+ years of digital & business coaching, advising organisations internationally and reviewing the top digital frameworks such as McKinsey’s Digital Capabilities Assessment.

The Digital Style System is about simplifying. Saving you time in your learning and representing the essential topics that work for our coaching clients so that they ‘get’ digital fast.

It’s the System that quickly has you understanding all the elements of digital in business and life, distilled to 5 essential digital areas and 17 topics you need to know.

It includes the tips that work for everyone to very quickly ‘get’ the breadth of digital activities and feel empowered.

Simple! (It really is.)



The Book with essential Digital information

One principle always works for quick learning when we’re Digital Business Coaching & Styling: it’s working with a person’s current understanding, their natural style, interests & experience. There’s no need to complicate things. Your natural tendencies and interests are the path for fast digital learning.

Digital YOU

You have unique and special experience and skills. Adding digital understanding to these strengthens what you do and means we’re enhancing the best asset you have…


When we work with your current understanding and add in a simple System that shows you the path forward, you gain online presence and digital understanding.

It doesn’t take much time. Reading this book can take as little as 20 minutes.

How to use the eBook

How to use the Digital Style System Book

1. Spot the topics you understand and shade in their star on the Digital Style System on Page 1.

2. Read each page and get to know the essential topics.
*Pat yourself on the back* for those you know and spot areas you’d like to know more about or need to learn. 

3. Take action. Complete the Digital YOU section then choose 3 topics to focus on next. Shade in your stars as you learn and keep this process going until you’re comfortable with your digital awareness and understanding.

Remember the last topic – celebrate what you’ve achieved. Become energised by understanding the digital and knowing you have your Digital Style System guiding your learning. 

After payment, please check your inbox for your download details. Download or save the Book on your phone, tablet or computer or print it and keep a copy for easy reference.

Thousands of people use this Book regularly to become digitally empowered, gain confidence, save time and add impact to their online style.

Get in contact if you’d like to provide this for your team and organisation. We’re here to support your Programs.

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👋 Hi, I'm Sam Bell

I’m a international business advisor, digital strategist, researcher, speaker, coach and stylist. I specialise in strategically educating people and teams so they look stylish online and are digitally-empowered in their life and work. Through my signature ‘Digital Style’ Program, the 'Digital Style System' and 'LinkedIn Style' books, free Mini-Course and my newsletter, I’m here to calmly provide you digital understanding.

When I’m not advising or coaching people, I'm researching new trends, experimenting with digital tools, designing my next adventure, skiing or surfing.

Here's to your Digital Style,

Sam 😁

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