From McKinsey Consulting models to the best from the UK

The Digital Style System has had a few iterations since its inception in 2009. 

Originally, it was the “Digital Leadership” (DQ) System developed from Runway Digital’s experience in coaching 1,000+ leaders in digital. 

It incorporated what works when we coach people – what interests them, potential blind-spots and how everything builds on a platform of their unique, individual, online style. It was a BIG effort as digital is a vast topic and we were determined to make it accessible. 


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Since then, new versions came from incorporating any new thinking from other top global experts (such as Mc Kinsey Digital Quotient and the Digital Maturity Matrix).

Ten years later, it became Digital Style System in a style that’s easy for more professionals to quickly educate themselves.

The Digital Style System was designed to have people feel empowered with digital tools and agile mindsets. It covers wellbeing, tools & social media sites; creating authentic and engaging online style; privacy, online publishing & promotion; refining personal information systems for greater productivity, as well as important topics such as crowdsourcing, customer-awareness and online collaboration.

It creates digitally-empowered professionals.


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Now it’s over to you. Enjoy seeing the important digital topics on 1 page. 

See how easy it is to be strategic, empowered and future-ready in your work… and to look stylish online.

…in an inexpensive and focused way.

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👋 Hi, I'm Sam Bell

I’m a international business advisor, digital strategist, researcher, speaker, coach and stylist. I specialise in strategically educating people and teams so they look stylish online and are digitally-empowered in their life and work. Through my signature ‘Digital Style’ Program, the 'Digital Style System' and 'LinkedIn Style' books, free Mini-Course and my newsletter, I’m here to calmly provide you digital understanding.

When I’m not advising or coaching people, I'm researching new trends, experimenting with digital tools, designing my next adventure, skiing or surfing.

Here's to your Digital Style,

Sam 😁

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