Seven extra ways to take your LinkedIn profile up a notch

The Standout Professional's Linkedin - eBook coverCongratulations! Your LinkedIn profile is *sparkling*!

Gain from these extra tips since writing The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn:

1. Recent LinkedIn tips on new topics (our latest writing).

2. LinkedIn status ideas and examples are here.

3. Use our LinkedIn cheatsheet – it’s a list with the top things to tweak on your LinkedIn. It’s free when you join our newsletter.

4. One of the ways I easily grew my LinkedIn to over 3,000 connections was through connecting my email with Rapportive. Each time I email someone new it shows me their LinkedIn profile, I click the ‘connect’ button to the right of the email and it does the rest. My email system is gmail (even though my email addresses don’t end with it’s great. I’ve also tried Full Contact and found Rapportive less distracting.

5. After events, get into the process of jumping into LinkedIn and finding people you enjoyed meeting and connecting for the future.

6. Gain inspiration from the high-flying, LinkedIn Pilots mentioned in the book:

Ross Hill –
Jason Bender –
Ryan Trainor –
Sarah Moran –
David Armano –
Peter Thiel –
Andy Hedges –

Michelle O’Brien –
Yvonne Feehan –
Kelsey Gamble –
Jonathan Satchell –
Philippe Guichard –
Josh Capelin –
Jenna Lewis –
Sash Milne –
Simon Terry –
Grant Johnston –
Charlie Simson –
Frankie Ratford –
Anna Draffin –

Headline – Tim Ferriss –

Background image:
Kate Berry –
Jacqui Hocking –
Gary Vaynerchuk –
Jeff Weiner –

Status updates:
Marc Edward-Smith – Oldfield –
Zappos –
The Boston Consulting Group –
Richard Branson –
Justin Dry –
Nick Teulon –
John Curtain –
Tim LeRoy’s tip –

7. Connect with Sam and the Runway Digital crew on Linkedin – there may be introductions we can make to help you on your way!

Feel free to get in touch with any queries or to let us know how you go!

Next steps in your online journey:

If you’d like to save time and gain specific tips for you and your industry, receive insight from having an Online Pilot review your profile – here’s how.Runway Digital Online Pilot Review - Linkedin Website Professional

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Looking great online saves time, increases work enjoyment and the quality of the services you provide.

Fly high online 🙂